November 2020 Fitness Update


November has been a bit of a mixed month for me in terms of the weight loss and fitness journey. This is mainly due to me finally starting to return to work for more than 2 days a week, it has meant trying to get back into a routine and working out how to fit my workouts into my new routine. I think I have managed to come up with a pretty good plan that should work in the long run. 

The month was filled with more takeaways than I would have hoped just due to being out or not being bothered to cook by the time me or Liam have got home. This won't be happening again though as I am going to try my best to limited to 2 takeaways a month, one when I get paid and one when Liam gets payed. I don't want to slip into the habit of takeaways all the time just for ease so who knows I might even end up learning to cook a bit more myself. Although I have had a lot of takeaways I have  done well in terms of what I have been drinking, I wanted to cut out fizzy drinks and I have managed to do that apart from the odd can of monster I have had. I stuck to my water & BCAA's and I have enjoyed it and felt much better for doing this. 

I have found that in November I was holding myself accountable a lot more too as I was definitely updating my Instagram a lot more with the workouts I was doing and what I was eating. I found that this really helped me as I was wanting to post daily but wasn't wanting too many days of posting off track which made me get back on track with eating well and working out. I wish I had honestly started doing this sooner as it has definitely helped me out and helped me pick myself straight back up after a bad day of eating or not working out. I have also started using MyFitnessPal a lot more again as it is holding me accountable for things I am actually eating and how many calories I am actually consuming each day. This isn't only helping me be held accountable but it is also helping me pick up on trends such as the days I seem to binge more or eat bad so I can try get out of those slumps and stop them from happening. 

In the middle of November I decided I was going to start another 90 day challenge and actually put my all into it this time as I saw some results previously but I am sure I can do a lot better. This has really helped me towards the end of the month too as I am more aware of what I am doing as I don't want to derail the challenge straight away. I am going to give this my all and do a lot better than previously. 

The weather here in the UK hasn't been too bad lately so I have managed to get out and go walking a lot more which has certainly really benefited me. I have been doing two 5k walks a week for the majority of November and also walked to work a few times which has helped me move more and helped me get my knee feeling better again. The walk have also been incorporated into a much better routine where I am using weights, the exercise bike and even doing HIIT workouts. By doing this I have found I am enjoying my workouts a lot more as I aren't doing the same thing everyday and am actually mixing things up for a change. 

So here is what the physical changes went like:

Waist start : 106cm end : 106cm

Hips start : 113 cm  end : 112cm

Right thigh start : 63cm end : 62cm

Right calf start : 43cm end : 43cm

Right bicep start : 33cm end : 32cm

Beginning of October weight : 15 stone 10 & 1/2 lb 
End of October weight : 15 stone 10 & 1/2 lb

Total loss : Maintain

To be honest I am glad I have managed to maintain my weight as thanks to how the month was going I was honestly certain I would end up gaining weight again but surprisingly I have stayed the same so I am happy with that. Let's just hope in December it decreases. 

Here is what I am aiming for in December 

- Continue working out at least 5 times a week
- Get more hours in on the bike
- Lose  4lb throughout the month 
- Get back on track with my eating
- Have less takeaways

 Overall 2020 loss so far : - 6 & 1/4 lb

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