What I Got For My Birthday 2020

Well that is it I am an other year older and 25 didn't seem to last 2 minutes. 26 has started off well and I have been well and truly spoilt by my family. My grandparents gave me £50 and my auntie and uncle gave me £20 so that is a £70 head start for me to pick up the new Xbox or PS5. But it didn't stop there I have received some absolutely fantastic gifts that are going to be super useful for me in the long run and here is what those gifts were....

In the games room we have a sofa bed which is looking pretty bare so my auntie and uncle got me 2 PlayStation cushions that are going to look perfect on the sofa bed and are actually really comfortable. I think I could easily fall asleep on these. 

To go with the cushions they also got me this matching duvet set which is going to be used in the games room too. We actually have a duvet in there just for those colder gaming days and it comes in really handy so we may as well have a gaming themed cover to go with the room. 

Carrying on with the gaming theme they also got me 2 new water bottles as I am trying to increase my water intake these days so these will be perfect for days out or work. Who knows I may even end up taking them to the gym with me too.

Liam has also got me a new game for the PlayStation. When we were out and about he said that this would be a game I really enjoy so I guess I can put it to the test now and see if it is as good for me as he says. 

My parents got me this Harry Potter dressing gown which they said is due to it being in the Bradford City colours. I had no idea I was getting this but I am so glad I have as my Assassins Creed one is getting a bit too big for me now. 

They also got me some Harry Potter bath bombs as you just can't beat a good bath bomb and I was actually starting to run a bit low of my bath bomb stock. Now I can't wait to use them. 

My sister and nephew got me this Toy Story jigsaw which I can't wait to do even though I know it is definitely going to stress me out. My nanna lent me 2 jigsaws that I still need to do but this may have jumped to the top of the list. 

You all know by now I am on a fitness and weight loss journey so this shaker from my parents is going to come in handy. It means I can easily mix my protein shake or my BCAA's whilst on the go in other works it is a lazy way of mixing my drink. 

My parents also got me this Primark x Lotto t-shirt, which brings back all the nostalgia. My first pair of rugby boots were Lotto so seeing this logo brings back all those memories. I can't wait to get styling this one as I have a few looks in mind. 

For Christmas my auntie and uncle got me the Shawn Mendes signature fragrance and for my birthday my sister & nephew got me the signature II fragrance. This smells absolutely gorgeous so I am glad this has been added to my collection. 

My sister and nephew have also helped me with one of my goals for the year... adding to my jewellery collection. They got me these 2 gorgeous necklaces which I know I am going to be wearing plenty of so keep an eye on my Instagram to see how I style these, although I am sure they end up being on here quite often. 

Finally my parents got me my first pair of classic black Converse. I have been wanting a pair of these for so long so I am so grateful they are finally in my collection as they are going to go with so much of my wardrobe. They are just such a classic shoe and I can't believe it has taken me so long to finally own a pair. 

I can't wait to use these presents and I am sure you will see some styling posts in the near future on this blog. What would be your favourite from these gifts?

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