Weekly Round Up #35


Well that is another weekend done and dusted and it was such a good week. Liam had a few days off to celebrate my birthday, I went to one of my favourite places and just generally had a great week. So here is how the week went...


Monday was a quick shopping trip to pick up some bits for our little get together on Saturday however, I ended up picking up more cleaning bits than anything else which wasn't exactly the plan. Once I got home it was just a case of relaxing and getting ready for Tuesday. 


On Tuesday we went to one of my favourite places... the Deep in Hull, it was a quick visit however, it was great to be back in my favourite place with my nephew looking at all the sharks. We then had a few hours at the seaside, it was a bit of a pre-birthday day out but was absolutely fantastic. 


On Wednesday it was my actual birthday, we had a bit of a lie in then we headed off to Bradford to have a quick look around before picking up a Taco Bell which was much needed as it is all I have wanted since March. Once we had done in town it was back home to play on the PS4.


Thursday was a cleaning day for me and Liam as we wanted to get the house ready for Saturday. We only did the upstairs though as we had just had enough and wanted to relax for a bit. Which actually meant I spent the rest of the day playing on the PS4 and enjoying each others company. 


On Friday we finished off our cleaning in what felt like record timing,we also went and did the food shop so it was a bit of a busy day. Somehow though we did still manage to find some time to play some games which seems to have taken over our week. 


Saturday was party day. We had family round and just enjoyed spending time together even if I did drink a little too much. The nephew helped open my presents in his own little way, we ate cake and watched the football there isn't much better than that. 


Sunday was a day of just relaxing and getting stuff done. After cleaning up what was left from the previous day I ended up taking a few blog pictures, working on a few blog bits and just getting blog things done as I had definitely neglected it this week. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I  watched a lot of YouTube throughout the week and a lot of it was Autumn transitional videos which has made me want sort my own wardrobe out. 

Reading: I didn't actually read any of my book last week. 
Listening to: It was a week of listening to podcasts for me last week as there really are some gems out there. 

This week I want to look into scheduling some Instagram posts & creating some Canva graphics to create a bit of a theme with my Instagram as it is something I really want to work on. I want to get back on track with my blogging too and have quite a few pictures I need to take and posts to write across all 3 blogs. Fingers crossed I also get a chance to finally have a clear out of my wardrobe too as it is a job I have put off for far too long.

See you soon

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