Fitness Update For August 2020

To be honest August didn't go too well for me as I actually gained weight however, it was quite expected. I had a weekend away in August and I had quite a few bbq's and drinks on that weekend. Throughout the rest of the month I had quite a few drinks at random too which will have also contributed to the gain. 

In terms of working out in August towards the end I did a lot workouts however, at the start I ended up slacking on them though so that will have hindered my progress. I now realise just how important those workouts are going to be on my journey and I need to get back on top of all this. 

One thing I have managed to do in August though is keep on top of my steps by going on walks. Never did I think I would enjoy going on walks but to be honest this lockdown situation has really changed my opinion on them and I enjoy them a whole lot more than I used to. 

I didn't really keep on top of my measurements for August, but those will be back for September. The few that I did track though were actually decreasing which is brilliant to see especially when other aspects weren't doing too well.

 So here is how the weight loss went for August:

Beginning of August weight : 15 stone 8 lb 
End of August weight : 15 stone 10 lb

Total loss + 2 lb .

 Here is what I am aiming for in September: 

Eat a lot better
Cut back on the alcohol again
Go to the gym 3 times a week
Carry on the home workouts
Go on more walks 
Incorporate more fruit and veg into diet

Overall 2020 loss so far : - 6 & 3/4 lb

I am hoping that in the next update I will be posting something a lot more positive and typing in a loss rather than a gain but at the end of the day I now realise that months are going to be up and down and I just need to stay on track and work hard to make that difference. 

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