The Wardrobe Essentials Series : The Jackets Everyone Needs

So to carry on the wardrobe essentials series today we have the jackets you should definitely be looking at adding to your collection if they aren't already there. We have already covered the footwear, tops & bottoms and now we are going to be looking at all the jackets that are perfect for different situations you might find yourself in throughout the year.

I have been caught out so many times in the future by not wearing the correct sort of jacket for the occasion or the weather. Living in the UK you can head out on a nice looking day and be caught in a downpour just an hour later, plus winters are definitely cold and you are going to want a jacket that is going to keep you nice and warm if you are heading out on those winter days, similarly you are going to want something lightweight that you can throw in your car or bag on those warmer days just as a bit of a precaution as you never know when that weather is going to turn. So here are the jackets that I believe you should have in your wardrobe to make sure you are always set for whatever the day might hold...


Some people might not class a hoodie as a jacket but to be honest I wear them as a jacket especially in the summer time so they have made this list. There are plenty of options out there for hoodies as you can get them plain or printed so they stand out or you can have them in a zip up version so there is certainly something for everyone. Personally I actually own a variety of hoodies (far more than is needed) but take a look around find ones that suit your style and you are good to go. I tend to wear my hoodies for laying, lounging and those cooler summer days. I only have a few zip up ones though as I do prefer over the head ones as I find they suit my style better and are generally just comfier. I will be doing a post in the future about my favourite hoodies and my favourite places to buy them so keep an eye out for that.     

Denim Jackets

You just can't beat a denim jacket and for me a dark denim and a light denim one are staples for any wardrobe as they are really easy to style and can really give off a different vibe to your outfit. There are plenty of options out there for different styles of denim jackets as you can get them nice and plain, with patches added or with a distressed look. Personally in my collection I have a nice plain light denim jacket and a dark denim one with a Sherpa lining in the collar which is fantastic for the colder days team this up with some jeans and suitable footwear and you will have the perfect outfit (styling posts also coming in the future). The best part is you don't have to pay a fortune for a good quality jacket either as UK high street stores seem to have some great options available. 

Smart Jacket

So many times I have needed a smarter jacket for a smarter occasion but haven't had an option to hand so a few years ago I invested in a jacket from Next and it has become one of my most warn jackets in the colder weather. It is a nice black material and is a pretty good length and just fits so well for the style I go for when I am going out. Granted it isn't waterproof but it does keep me warm whilst I am out and about whilst not ruining my outfit. There are plenty of smart jackets available at high street or high end stores so there is something for your style you just have to look around as I did. Even if you invest in a more expensive smart jacket the investment will definitely be worth it in the long run. 

Lightweight Jacket

In the spring or summer here in the UK it can drop quite chilly or can rain at any given moment so a nice lightweight jacket is a must have whether you just have it in the car with you or in your bag if you don't need it at that particular moment. Don't always be fooled into going the designer route though as I actually used to have an Adidas jacket that was light weight and could easily be folded into my backpack but I got caught in one downpour and realised it wasn't waterproof at all. Some of my best lightweight jackets have come from Primark or H&M so you don't have to spend a fortune to stay dry in the wonderful British weather. You can get some nice plain jackets or colour block ones so again there is something for everyone's style. 

Thick Jacket

An absolute essentials here in the UK is a nice thick jacket for the winter as it certainly drops very cold. My go to jacket for years has been a Superdry jacket, one of those with the big collars which keep you nice and warm. This Superdry jacket at the time cost me around about £90 so it was an investment in my opinion however it has lasted me 4 years so far and is still looking like new and keeps me warm so it is worth it. But if I don't want to wear that I can always go for my nice thick Primark jacket that was a bargain price of £10 in the sale and has a bit of a street wear look to it but fits my style really well. If you live anywhere that is cold like here definitely make an investment in a thick coat just to stop you catching colds as often in the winter. 


I started wearing blazers a few years ago but went off them for a while but I am trying to find a nice fitting one for me as I want to pick one up to smarten some of my looks up. Blazers work well with smart pants or even jeans in some occasions which is actually how I used to wear my blazers. You can get fitted one or oversized ones, plain ones or checked ones there really is something for everyone's style. Got a meeting to head to that requires a smart casual dress code throw on a shirt/plain t-shirt, a blazer, some nice shoes and you are good to go. If you know of anywhere that does great reasonably priced blazers then please let me know.  

Bomber Jacket

I actually never bothered with bomber jackets until my dad gave me a Penguin one that he got that didn't fit him. It has now become a bit of a staple in my autumn wardrobe and I love wearing it when I go out and about in the colder weather as it looks perfect layered. Primark & River Island have some great options in store at the moment so it might be worth looking to see if a bomber jacket would suit your style and to be honest I think I might be going and picking up a new one to add to my wardrobe. 

Baseball Jacket

Ah the classic American style baseball jacket, another one of my go to jackets in the cooler weather. In my opinion you just can't beat a baseball jacket with a plain t-shirt, pair of skinny jeans or chinos & a pair of Converse, for some reason to me it just pieces together a nice classic look and is super easy to style. Again my favourite is currently a navy blue Penguin baseball jacket with a hint of red and a bold print on the back. I am on the hunt for one a little bit plainer. 

So there you have it that is all the jackets you should have in your wardrobe so you have something for every occasion and every weather possibility. What are some of your favourite jackets? Or favourite places to buy them from?

Keep checking back for the next wardrobe essentials post coming soon.

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