Weekly Round Up #34


What a week last week was, there was plenty of fun but most importantly it was the return of the football. The long awaited return was certainly welcomed in this house but alongside that plenty of other things happened and it was a great week so here is how it went. 


 Monday was bank holiday Monday here in the UK and me & Liam just had a nice day in where I got some blogging and gaming done too. It was nice having both of us at home again and just having a nice relaxed day. 


Tuesday was a day with my nephew. We nipped into town where I manged to pick up a few bits that I was after. Then it was back to my mum's to spend some more time with the nephew and my mum. When Liam got home then it was just a night of playing games and doing a few blog bits. 


Wednesday was food shop day and then staying at my sisters for a few hours before Liam came to pick me up. Once he came to pick me up though it was straight to the gym for our first session back since they reopened. To be honest I actually really enjoyed getting back into the gym and felt really accomplished once I got home. 


On Thursday I was back in the office so 8 until 5 was spent there then it was home to play some games and just switch off and relax for a change. I actually had a pretty late night on Thursday too thanks to getting lost in my game.


Friday was another day in the office but as soon as I got home it was basically just a repeat of Friday which was great. I did end up having an earlier night though as I just seemed far too tired.


Saturday started off with a lie in for a change, normally I am up super early so just been able to get a few extra hours sleep was great. It was also the start of the FAWSL (women's football) here in the UK so I sat downstairs with my laptop and got a lot of blogging done whilst watching the football. Even when the football was finished I ended up carrying on with my blogging, I certainly was on a roll. 


Sunday morning was a nice relaxed one before heading off to watch Bradford City Women in their pre-season friendly. It was so good being back in a football stadium and I don't think I realised just how much I missed it. Once I got home it was time to write my match report for my football blog and finish off a few other blog posts. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Football is finally back in the watch section after so long and I am so grateful. I also watched plenty of YouTube & Once Upon A Time last week too. 

Reading: I managed 1 more chapter of my book and it is so good. I don't actually want to finish it. 
Listening to: I had listened to a few podcasts last week but mainly stuck to listening to Tegan & Sara once again. 

This week is actually my birthday week so me and Liam have a few days off together but I want to keep being super productive for my blogs and get plenty of content written and ticked off my to do list. I am also hoping we can get plenty of bits done around the house and get rooms nice and tidy too whilst we are both off. 

See you soon

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