Styling The Gods Of Basketball T-Shirt

I managed to pick up this fantastic gods of basketball t-shirt from Footlocker in the sale for just £9.99 and it has become one of my go to t-shirts as it is a super comfortable and soft material. The design is pretty simple too with just the big print on the front with a small Footlocker logo on the bottom which to be honest you barely see. 

The t-shirt is a really nice fit too, I was a bit apprehensive at first as sometimes these types of t-shirts can have a slim fit to them but this is a size below my normal and fits pretty well although it is on the tighter side at the moment.

I love it when you can wear the same t-shirt in so many different ways throughout different seasons so you get plenty of wear out of it. So here is how I plan on styling my Gods Of Basketball t-shirt...

First up we have the perfect look in my opinion for what is left of the summer and going into next summer. I love how this t-shirt looks with the denim shorts and mid Jordan's. The Jordan's just keep with the basketball look and the denim for the shorts just bring in a different colour but they even tie in a little bit with the blue on the t-shirt. 

Next up we have my possibly my favourite outfit as it includes my favourite sneakers... the Air Force 1's. The Air Force 1's being white just adds a little more colour to the outfit and work really well with the black cargo pants. In my opinion this outfit just flows really well. 

Switch out those black cargo pants for some lighter grey skinny jeans and you have a brighter but still great look. I have realised over recent years there is no need to only wear black like I used to and that I may as well continue adding colour to my outfits. Grey skinny jeans are a great alternative to black ones and go well with most items. 

Now the weather is starting to change and get colder a jacket is an essential so teaming this up with a nice sporty style jacket or zip up hoodie is a perfect pairing. An over the head hoodie just wont do as it would block the t-shirt all together and hide the print where as the zip up one will allow you to show off a small piece of the print of the t-shirt if you wish. 

The possibilities are endless with this t-shirt as it is definitely one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe at the moment and I just can't wait to keep styling it with more and more pieces. 

How would you style this t-shirt? 

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