August 2020 Favourites

 Another month is done and we are so much closer to my favourite time of the year... autumn. I love the autumn weather and how cosy you can get on an evening as the nights get darker and the days get colder. I am so glad is approaching too as August has been a nightmare month with the weather as most of the time it was too hot to do anything or absolutely chucking it down I don't think there was an in between. So here are my favourite things from August...


Nike Element React 55's 

 I picked these up from our local Office shoes store as they had been reduced from over £100 to just £40. I won't say much about these as I actually have a post fully dedicated to them but for £40 they are fantastic. Originally they were bought for the gym but to be honest with how comfortable they are and how good looking they are they might be too good for the gym.

Nike Jacket

The weather has been a nightmare throughout August, it has either been too hot, too cold or warm but raining. That is why my Nike lightweight jacket is on this favourites list as it has been perfect for those rainy days. Unlike other jackets I have had in the past this one has actually kept me dry and even cool on those warmer days. Again there will be a whole post about this jacket coming soon. 


Slowly returning to work 

Finally after been away from work for so long, we have returned to work 2 days a week. It is nice to be back to some form of routine even if it is just for those 2 days for now as it gives a sense of normality returning. I honestly never thought returning to my job would end up on a favourite list.


Garden being complete 

Finally after 2 and a half years we have a garden that looks amazing and is no longer covered in overgrown weeds. Just looking out of the bedroom window and seeing the garden now is great, it looks huge too. There are just a few small finishing touches to add to it like furniture and plants but the difference is incredible. 

Health & fitness

Making progress

There is only one favourite in this category as to be honest this is the one that is really blowing me away... making progress. Throughout August I have noticed my measurements decrease in some areas, my heart rate is improving too and I can walk so much further than before. Then we also have the fact my clothes are also starting to look bigger on me and those that were a bit tight on me seem to be fitting better too.

So there you have it those are my favourites from August. What are your favourites from August 2020?

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