September 2020 Favourites

  Well where has September gone? It doesn't feel like two minutes ago I was waiting for my birthday now we are heading towards Halloween (which we could happily skip for my liking). September might have flown by but I have rediscovered some old favourites whilst discovering some new ones too. So here are what make up my favourites for the month of September...


Nike Air Force 1's

I honestly think I have worn a different pair of sneakers once or twice throughout September that is simply because I have certainly fallen in love with my Nike Air Force 1's. They are just so easy to style and are super comfortable for walking around in. Plus it doesn't matter if it is raining as I don't have to worry about ruining them too much. With me doing a fair bit of walking recently these have been perfect and haven't rubbed once. 

Champion Hoodie

Do you ever look at an item and think to yourself when did I buy that? well when I rediscovered this Champion hoodie that was the case however, I am so glad past me did buy it as it is so comfortable. The colour is totally different to what I would usually wear but honestly I love it as I need to opt for different colours every now and again. 


Spending Time With Nephew

With me still not been back at work full time I have had plenty of time to spend with my nephew again, which is fantastic because he really is a little character. It is amazing seeing how much he changes just over night and I am actually glad I aren't in full time at the moment as I am glad I aren't missing out on seeing him so much. 

My Birthday 

At the beginning of the month it was my birthday. It was the perfect day of me and Liam just enjoying the day together then having a little get together with my family. I was well and truly spoilt and just had a fantastic time which after what has been going on this year was just what was needed.


Making Small Changes Around The House

 September seems to be the month where we have made a few changes, we changed a few bits around in the games room, added some bits to the spare room and even got new bookcases and repurposed the old ones. It is nice just seeing everything taking shape again. 

Health & fitness

Online Coaching

Throughout September I have been having a month of online coaching which I won't go into too much detail on as I have a new post coming soon. However, what makes this a favourite is that I am seeing progress and it is nice having someone there to motivated me and hold me accountable. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from September. What are your favourites from September 2020?

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