Weekly Round Up #36


Another week done and dusted with more future restrictions being put in place due to the current climate. However, I had a really good week, with plenty of stuff getting done for a change so here is how the week went...


On Monday, I got up early did a workout then got cracking on with some blog posts and jobs around the house. My mum then asked if I wanted a few hours in town so of course I went ahead with that and manage to make a start on building my autumn wardrobe. 


On Tuesday I went out for a walk with my nephew where we went to see the airplanes taking off. It was a lovely day as it was nice and warm too, we had some food out and then went back to my sisters where we ended up out in the garden for a while. 


Wednesday was our food shopping day, it was nice having a fully stocked fridge once again. Then it was back down to my sisters to spend the rest of the day with my nephew again, it was quite a nice day so we ended up in the park with him. 


Thursday I was back in the office and to be honest the day actually flew by. Once I got home from work I actually managed to get a few bits done for the blog, I prefer to do bits every other night but I hadn't done anything since Monday. 


Friday was another day in the office but with the usual Friday early finish. Again though the day seemed to fly by and before I knew it I was back at home working away on some more blog bits. 


Saturday was a pretty busy day. First my dad came round to help me put up the clothing rail in the spare room & then cut the grass. I then ended up round at my parents to pick up some things I had left behind We then took a trip to Ikea to get some bookcases that we had been after for a while. 


Sunday was a day at home, I could have easily gone out shopping but instead we stayed in built the bookcases and I spent the day blogging, it is just so nice having time to get plenty done. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching:  It had simply been a week of watching lots of YouTube. 

Reading:  I didn't get chance to do do any reading at all last week. 
Listening to: I fell back into listening to Alex Lahey last week and it was great listening to those songs that bring back so many memories. 

This week I want to get plenty more blogging done. I also want to finish off sorting the bookcases out too & get out to take some blog pictures. One thing I really want to do though is sort through the wardrobe, the top of the wardrobe and the boxes of clothing in the loft as there is so much that I can get rid of. That might be a job for the weekend. 

See you soon

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