The Classic Sneaker I Will Buy Over & Over Again


Do you ever just look at some sneakers and think why don't I own these? Well that has certainly been the case every time I saw the white Nike Air Force 1's, I was always on the fence of picking up a pair as they are £80 but I finally took the plunge and I am so glad I did.

These sneakers are so versatile they are worth every penny, I have taken a look in my wardrobe and these actually go with 90% of the clothing I own which definitely adds value as they will definitely get plenty of wear. They don't look out of place with my smarter checked pants, my favourite sweatpants or my go to cargo pants which means these have actually become my go to everyday pair of sneakers.  

I have had these sneakers a few month so far and to be honest they are still in really good condition, there are a few creases at the front but that is expected when they have been worn practically every day. In terms of scuffs they have so far managed to stay scuff free and that is with me wearing them daily, going on walks, tripping over things and having my nephew stand on them more than once. 
The sneakers have been great for long walks and long days out too as they are really comfortable. From day one I have had zero issues with the rubbing or making my feet ache, which for me with any new sneakers is an absolute bonus as some have torn my feet to shreds in the past. 

The overall silhouette for this sneaker is just an absolute classic these days and is one you will see a lot of people wearing thanks to the price range and how good the silhouette looks. You could spend over £100 on some sneakers these days but they won't go with all 90% of your wardrobe like these do.  

I am actually loving these sneakers so much I have already said that I am going to repurchase them once they get too beat up as they are certainly my favourites. To be honest now I have had them and worn them for a while I don't think the £80 price tag is bad at all because I think if I look after these well enough they are going to last me a while.

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