Styling Grey Sweatpants.. The Easy Way

Whenever I have bought sweatpants in the past I have opted for black as I thought they fit me and suited me better but recently I picked up a grey slim fit pair from Primark for just £9. Honestly I just bought these for something different in my wardrobe as I wanted to be comfortable on some long journeys I have coming up but honestly I will be wearing them for a lot more now as they are just so comfortable and fit nice. Even my mum and sister complimented me on them and it isn't often they do that. So here is how I plan on styling these sweatpants... 

First up we have a look way out of my comfort zone as I never tend to go for a white t-shirt due to my size. But lately I have decided just to go for whatever I want and not let my current size hold me back. I love how this Weekend Offender t-shirt looks with the slim sweatpants and through in the Nike Air Force 1's the whole look just looks tied together and actually flows really well. I actually like how the grey and white work together so maybe it is time to buy more white t-shirts. 

Next up we have one of my favourites paired with the grey sweatpants and Jordan's... a printed black t-shirt. The print on the black t-shirt adds something extra and stand out to the outfit and the black and white sneakers fit the outfit really well, it just works together. The sweatpants stop just above the sneakers so you can fully show them off but the main standout is going to be what print is on the t-shirt so make it a good one.  I have a whole section in my wardrobe of black printed t-shirts so I certainly have plenty of options to style these sweatpants with. 

 The final of the 3 ways to style the sweatpants could easily be my favourite. Just by adding colour the simple grey sweatpants end up part of a standout outfit. With the colder weather arriving you are going to need a hoodie or jacket but if you don't fancy wearing an all grey tracksuit style why not add colour? This blue Champion hoodie is absolutely perfect as it is a brighter colour to what I would usually wear but works well with the grey. Team these items up with my Nike React's which have plenty of colours worked into them and you have a much brighter option than going all white or all black. I am really wanting to add more colour to my outfits and thanks to these sweatpants I have found a great way to do it. 

There you have it those are my 3 ways I am currently styling my grey sweatpants. After having these for a few month now and wearing them plenty of times I think it is safe to say I am converted and I will no longer just be buying black sweatpants but now I will definitely be picking up more grey pairs. 

How do you style your grey sweatpants? Got any good ways of pairing them up?

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