Finally The Games Room Is Complete

Last year we decided that it was finally time to get the games room redone. When we moved in we literally just put one coat of paint on the walls, put a new carpet down and put some shelves up then we moved everything into the room so we didn't have to have any longer without playing our games. This room just never felt cosy and honestly I hated sitting in there for long periods of time so it was about time we changed things and actually created a room where it was nice to be for hours on end seen as this is the room we use the most. First up we got rid of all our old furniture and bought all new which you will see throughout the post as we wanted to go for a much brighter, cleaner looking space. For the walls we went for a navy blue feature wall with the remaining walls being a nice grey shade, this has just made the room much cosier than having the previous off white colour and the paint applied really well to the fresh plaster. We also installed a much bigger radiator in the room as it never used to get warm. 

One all the painting was done it was time to move all the furniture back in which started with my desk. I got a new desk in the middle of the year which is the perfect size for my little corner off the games room and it fit the colours of the room perfectly. This is where I play any PC games but it is also my main blogging area in the house so I wanted it to feel comfortable to work at and decluttered so I took away a lot of random figures and accessories and now it just holds my PC, dual monitors and a few of my favourite figures. I also bought a little stand for my PC so it was finally lifted off the carpet. I definitely enjoy sitting in this area much more now. 

Above my desk I no longer have my whiteboard taking up all the space as I have moved that into the spare room for now. Instead I just have two smaller shelves filled with Funko Pops that I have collected over the years. I love how these look up here and it is nice having them all in one space without them looking far too cluttered. I need to limit how many I buy now though as I have noticed I am really running out of space. 

Above the radiator we have put a few longer shelves and these ones are themed with some of our things and I can't quite believe how good they look. The top shelf is a DC shelf and is mainly filled with Batman & Harley Quinn items that Liam has collected over the years. The bottom shelf is a Spider-Man shelf filled with items I have recently collected. I absolutely love how we have styled these shelves so far and I also love just how well they look together with a mix of figures and books on each shelf. My favourite is definitely the Spider-Man shelf though. 

As you can see in the background of the above image Liam also got himself a new desk which is a bit darker that the rest of the furniture but still looks great, above his desk he has two shelves that are filled with figures from various films, anime and games which all look great together. We treated ourselves to a new sofa bed which is a lot more comfortable than our previous one as it is more like an actual sofa. We have just added a few gaming cushions & soft toys to this to keep it in the gaming theme and I think it looks great. 

Finally we have the main area... the console gaming section. This is where I will be spending most of my time in the room as I prefer to play on the consoles and that is what 99% of my games are on. The navy blue wall is lovely and makes the room feel much more comfortable and the lighter furniture looks great up against it. The TV is finally up on the wall which has freed up some space on the TV unit which is perfect as we needed that space for the new consoles thanks to how big they are, we have just the space between the consoles with a few accessories. The bookcase to the left holds our PlayStation light, Switch games & Xbox games whilst the one on the right has all our PlayStation games and Yoda wax melt burner. 

This room is 100% nicer to spend time in and I have already noticed that my time in here has increased a lot and I am playing a lot more games than before which is fantastic. There are still a few bits that need doing such as glossing, fitting a blind, adding some RGB lights and installing 2 more shelves but I am so pleased that we got this room done as it is so much better than before. 

Seeing how good this room has turned out has really made me put a plan into action to get more of the house redone and make it cosier than it currently is. Although I think the first thing we sort could be the garage as we have a few ideas in mind for that.

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