Cook Book Wish List

One of my new years goals is to cook a whole lot more as I definitely haven't done enough of that in the past few years that we have lived on our own as it is always left to poor Liam. I am determined that 2022 is going to be the year where I spend more time in the kitchen not only to make sure Liam doesn't have to cook as much as he currently does but also so that I can try different foods and make sure what I am eating is nice and healthy and will help me along with some of the health and fitness goals I have. To make sure that I am eating properly and trying new things I want to start adding some more cook books into our collection that have different sort of meals in that require different levels of effort. I have been looking at a variety of different cook books over the past few weeks and here are the ones that have stood out to me the most and the ones I am definitely planning on purchasing in the near future...

Gordon Ramsay is one of those chefs that I love to watch on the TV yet for some reason we don't own any of his cook books. I love the sound of this one though as it is apparently filled with nice quick meals which is what we often need especially when we have both been at work all day. With the recipes taking 30 minutes or less they will be perfect for after work. 

Another Gordon Ramsay book that has stood out to me for a while is this Ramsay in 10 book which sounds like it has some brilliant recipes in that both me and Liam will enjoy both making and eating. Again this is another quick and easy cook book perfect for those post work evenings. 

We already have all the other Pinch of Nom cook books so it is a bit of a no brainer really that we get this one too. I love the Pinch of Nom books as they have some really simple but delicious recipes in the books and I don't think we have had a bad meal from one of these books so adding another one to the collection would be fantastic and I am sure we can make plenty of meals out of this one. 

I have already got one Joe Wicks cook book at home but I am yet to try it, I aren't sure why we haven't used it yet but it is on the list to use ASAP. I really like the sound of some of these recipes in the book and I think it is about time we picked it up to actually try out for ourselves. I know people who have used Joe's cook books before and have said they are great so I am looking forward to picking this one up. 

Sometimes with cook books we find there is too much for us to actually eat when we have done a specific recipe and we hate the amount of waste we end up creating. So this book looks perfect as it is actually portioned for two rather than 4 people like most recipes in cook books seem to be. This book certainly looks interesting and I think we could end up using this a fair bit. 

These are just a few of the books that we have our eyes on at the moment but no doubt as the year progresses and we start to use cook books a lot more we will end up making a whole lot more purchases in the cooking department from cook books to equipment we use and there will definitely be a lot more food related posts coming to the blog throughout 2022. 

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