Our plans For Transforming The Spare Room


It has been a year or so since we finally completed the spare room however, a year on and I am realising the purpose of the room is changing quite quickly. Originally the room was just going to be for me to get ready in on a morning but as time has gone on it has basically turned into a bit of an office for me where I can go and blog away from distractions that I face in other rooms. This room is just where I can set my Macbook up and just crack on with things rather than getting distracted by extra screens and other noise sources. The plan for 2022 is to use this a lot more for other blog projects where I might need to record things ie podcasts, interviews and videos so I want to make sure it fits a bit of a theme, looks a lot more put together & cleaner and is just generally a much more cosy & productive space for me to be in. So here is how I plan on transforming the room on a very tight budget... 

The room is basically going to be the room where I work on Edge of the Area the most which is our football blog so the overall theme of the room is going to be football and with things around the house we are definitely going to be able to achieve this very easily. First up we have a lot of artwork plus and Edge of the Area sign that need hanging in the room which is pretty effortless and is going to bring the theme to life a little bit. 

We also have numerous signed/ match worn shirts dotted around the house so they will also be moved into the room and will be hung along the wall to create a main feature piece in the room, our own football shirt will also be hung from this and be a center piece for any video backgrounds. Above the shirts will be some footballs mounted from over the years that I don't want to get ruined. I think these will look great up on the wall rather than just laying around on the floor where they currently are. 

As for the rest of the room we will just be giving it a tidy up and organising the items that are out on show so it looks a bit cleaner as at the moment it is a bit of chaos. The dressing room aspect will stay as we keep the clothes rail and I will still be getting dressed in the room daily so I need clothing and accessories easy to reach for so getting ready on a morning is much easier. The Alex drawers in the room will be sorted out too to make blog things easily accessible and any junk removed as they have become a dumping ground recently and just require a complete clear out so I can start fresh.  

It is safe to say this is going to be one of the easiest and cheapest transformations to happen in the house as I try to budget this room transformation to just £50 which should be more than doable. I am really hoping this is the first of many room transformations over the next year or so as we finally get each room to a much better standard than it currently is. 

I can't wait to see how this room turns out once it is complete but I am just ready for a cosy space to work away and hopefully get some new projects up and running. A hybrid room for blogging and getting ready is just what is needed at the moment. 

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