Some Nights Just Call For A Nice Glass Of Wine

It is quite funny how tastes can change when you think about it. Just last year I avoided any sort of wine or prosecco at all costs yet fast forward to know and I probably opt for a glass of wine over any other alcoholic drink and I quite enjoy a glass of prosecco every now and again. Over this year we have gathered quite a few different wines and bottles of prosecco and we have also found a few bottles of champagne in our alcohol cabinet that we forgot about, although I know that this has been stashed away for safe keeping. It is safe to say we have a nice little stock of these sort of drinks though and here is what we have...

I actually got this rose champagne for my 21st birthday from the people I worked with at my old work place and I absolutely love the box it came in and the bottle itself. I haven't drunk this yet and I am not sure when I actually will be but for now it looks great on display. 

If I remember rightly we got this champagne from Liam's dad when we moved into our own home over 3 years ago now and we still haven't got around to drinking it yet. I jokingly told Liam I was going to crack this open when something big happens for the Edge of the Area blog and he laughed and told me to go ahead. So maybe one day when something big happens for it we will actually get this drunk. 

This is another bottle of champagne that was a gift and has been hanging around for a long time but I just can't bring myself to drink it. My auntie and uncle got me this for my 18th birthday so it has certainly been around a while. What I love the most about this one though is the Union Jack sleeve it came in. 

This set of champagne in a lovely display box was actually given to my dad by a supplier at work over 10 years ago now and he has ended up passing it on to me already. The box it came in looks brilliant out on display and thanks to how long he kept them unopened I don't want to waste them any time soon so they are currently just a display item in our house. 

I have to say I think that this Plaza prosecco is my current favourite although it is always risky once I get on to drinking this. I have found prosecco far too easy to drink and I did a bottle to myself one new years eve and I think that is the roughest start to the new year that I have ever had. I best save this for when someone is willing to share it with me. 

This bottle of prosecco came from a hamper that Liam's work got sent last year and I just haven't got around to drinking it yet. I think I might crack this bottle open in the build up to Christmas or even take it with me on Christmas day or New Years Eve. I haven't tried this one before and to be honest I am looking forward to getting started on it. 

I honestly don't know how I ended up with this when it was left untouched after a holiday earlier in the year but to be honest I am quite glad I have it. I usually can't stand dark wines but this one is nice and fruity and goes down a treat so I am sure this will be gone sooner rather than later. It is only a cheap bottle and a low percentage so is always good to have in the house to reach for. 

I have wanted to try 19 Crimes wine for the longest time as Liam and my grandad love the red ones they do and my nanna loves the white one they offer. As I aren't a fan of red or white wine I didn't think I would ever get to try the make for myself but I stumbled across this rose one in Asda and purchased it straight away. I am really looking forward to cracking into this bottle and finally trying a 19 Crimes wine. 

I honestly can't remember how long I actually spent searching for this bottle of Whispering Angel but I finally managed to grab myself a bottle. I came across this on Instagram and really wanted to try it for myself but nowhere seemed to have it in stock. I finally managed to purchase this though and at £20 it is definitely the most I have spent on a bottle of wine so I am hoping it tastes good. 

Whilst looking for the bottle of Whispering Angel I came across a different type of Whispering Angel called The Palm, Liam ended up treating me to this bottle as it was reduced down to £15 and I thought the bottle looked nice, I can't wait to try this and compare it to my other Whispering Angel to see which I prefer but I think I can see both bottles being restocked once the current ones are gone. 

So there you go that is the wine, prosecco and champagne that we currently have in our house, it is safe to say we have plenty to be drinking at the moment but I am hoping that over the course of the year I can get a few different wines to try out rather than just stick to drinking the same ones over and over again. I think it is safe to say though wine is a new go to drink for me. 

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