Putting An Outfit Together For Under £50

Just like with the outfit under £30 post I have been really looking forward to doing an outfit under £50 post. My style has really been all over the place this year with me not knowing what was best for me and what I actually needed to purchase however, as the year has progressed my mind seems to be set on a specific style and I have been able to shop around for items to fit that. With me losing weight I have been trying to shop around on a budget so I aren't spending a fortune on clothing that may not fit me a few month later. That is why I found this outfit under £50 challenge quite fun, I managed to find an outfit that suited my style perfectly for a grand total of £38.49 not including the sneakers because there is no way I needed to buy another pair of white sneakers as I already have about 6 pairs. So here is the outfit I managed to put together for the grand total of £38.49... 

I used to only buy my checked shirts from Primark however, lately I only ever seem to buy them from H&M man. The checked shirts are a bit more expensive from H&M Man as they are £17.99 each however, they are definitely better quality and I believe they fit me much nicer. They seem to be a bit thicker in material too so they certainly keep me warmer. I have a few different colours of these shirts now but as soon as I saw this simple black and white one I knew it would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe as it is bound to fit with most of my wardrobe and look great. I do like to layer up though and especially in winter so underneath this I have a £4.50 black long sleeved t-shirt just to give me a bit of extra warmth plus I often like to have my shirt open so this just adds that extra layer needed and is a bit warmer than a normal short sleeved t-shirt. I am hoping I can get a few more of these for layering up this winter as they have been a brilliant purchase. 

On the bottom half I have been in desperate need of some new jeans as my others have started to get a bit big and the only black ones I have are actually ripped which I am starting to move away from now. I have found recently that it is in fact Sainsbury's where I can get the best fitting jeans for me and at £16 I can't complain as they quality and fit is brilliant. I picked up this pair of black acid wash girlfriend jeans recently and they are just what I wanted. They are a bit of a bigger fit rather than my usual skin tight jeans and the acid wash is brilliant for the style I am going for. I am already planning another trip to Sainsbury's soon to see if I can find any other pairs to fit the style I am going for. 

I simply finish off this outfit with my beat up Air Force 1's or my £15 bargain River Island white sneakers as I find they look the best for how the jeans fall on them plus the River Island ones create a bit of a smarter look in my opinion. I am really impressed with how this outfit looks to say how much of a budget I was actually on when creating it. Everything ticks the boxes of what I was aiming for and I think I will be starting to shop in H&M & Sainsbury's a whole lot more as they definitely do some great products. 

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