My Personal Goals For 2022


I honestly can't quite believe that it is already 2022, 2021 just seemed to last a total of 5 seconds and it is was certainly a strange year as I felt I did loads without actually doing much. It was rare that I was home on an evening as once restrictions were lifted I seemed to be out and about a lot more than usual. 2021 was a year of personal development for me to with me stepping out of my comfort zone and trying things I would never have previously considered due to it being so far out of my comfort zone. I really want to carry on the momentum into 2022 too so that I can continue improving myself and experiencing some fantastic things and finally getting jobs done and out of the way. So here are my personal goals for 2022...

Save more money

I definitely made a start on this one during 2021 however, as the year went on I slowly made less and less progress with this and actually started taking money out of my savings to cover jobs in the house. I am determined to get back on track with my savings in 2022 though and I have a target amount that I would love to add into my savings account at the end of each month, if I did manage to this monthly that would be fantastic as it would mean I am getting closer and closer to the things I am actually saving for rather than just wasting money which I know I have done so much lately. I have made a list of what I am saving for so hopefully this will help me stay on track. 

Only buy things what I really need

As I said before I really need to start saving money and to do that I am going to really need to cut back on my spending especially on those purchases that I am buying for the sake of it. In 2021 I certainly bought some items just for the sake of it and now I just need to cut that out and only stick to what I really need. I am going to do this by trying to only go out shopping when I really need to rather than anytime someone asks me to go out as it is too tempting when I do go out. For those times where I do go out I am going to make a list and have it in my phone or in my wallet to make sure I only buy items on that list which will consist of only the items I actually need. This should help me only buy what I need and help me save plenty of money so it should help with two goals on my list. 

Drop clothes sizes

I am determined that 2022 is going to be the year I finally start to lose even more weight and finally drop more clothing sizes. I feel like 2021 was a bit of a blip in my journey as nothing really changed so I am really hoping that 2022 is totally different and I see a whole lot more progress. I would ideally love to drop 1 clothes size in the men's clothing I buy which would take me down to being a medium. Realistically I think that this will be as far as I can go in men's clothing in one year but who knows I might end up surprising myself and drop a bit more. I also want to drop two women's sizes in the clothing I get from the women's department, I am currently still in a 20 in most places although in a few I am at an 18 but at a very tight squeeze, I would love to be down to a 16 by the end of 2022 but if I can get closer to a 14 that would be absolutely fantastic, I think a 16 is a lot more realistic though. 

Drive More

I was lucky enough to get a new car towards the end of 2021 so I want to put that to more use in 2022. I usually hate driving due to low confidence thanks to an accident years ago and knee issues but since getting my new car I have loved it as it is an automatic therefore it doesn't hurt my knee at all compared to my other car. My confidence definitely increased as soon as I got the car so I am really looking forward to driving a lot more and giving Liam much more of a break as he currently does nearly all the driving. I am hoping to get behind the wheel a whole lot more and also drive a little bit further than I have been doing.

Go on more walks

We started off 2021 so well with going on walks but as the year progressed we really dropped off on going out walking and we ended up at the stage of not going out at all yet we said we would every week. I am determined that in 2022 we will be going on a long walk every Sunday morning either locally or a bit further away. The only time we wont be going will be if one of us are ill or the weather is extremely bad. I really enjoyed the walks that we went on so to get back into that healthy habit will be absolutely amazing and I can't wait to get back into that routine. I know this will do wonders for me both mentally and physically and it will get me seeing a bit more of my local area. 

Sort the gardens out

We managed to get a fair bit of progress done in the house in 2021 and it was great seeing the progress we made especially in the games room. I am really hoping that in 2022 we can get a bit more progress done in the gardens as they were certainly neglected in 2021. We still have a few bits to do in the back garden then that will finally be complete and I would love to start on the front garden to get it tidied up and a border put in so that we can get it a whole lot nicer. Then when it comes to the side I would love to get that sorted so I can get out there with the football in the summer and maybe even add a few more bits to that area. It would be brilliant to finally sort the garage out too so that it is cleared and the junk at the side of the house is cleared too at least once that is done we can start to work out if the garage is staying or not in the future. 

There we go I have kept this years goals a bit simpler and a bit more realistic and fingers crossed this time next year I will be writing about how well it has all gone and how I have absolutely smashed each goal I set for myself. Let's hope things go to plan and 2022 is an absolutely fantastic year which I am really hoping for. 

What goals have you set for yourself for the new year? 

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