Blogging Hopes & Plans For 2022


It is safe to say a lot can change in a year and honestly throughout all of 2021 I have been looking at way in which I could change the blog and make it the best it could possibly be. I have been a bit hit & miss when it comes to posting not only on here but on Instagram as well that is why I am hoping to go into 2022 with a plan in mind which is going to help me be consistent, give me some free time and just help me create the content I really want to. Towards the end of the year my love for the blog really came back and I have been sat planning the direction I want to take the blog in for the course of 2022 and possibly into years beyond. There are going to be a few main categories for the blog and each one will bring something a little bit different to the site along with being things I am really falling in love with and am honestly so passionate about these days. 

I am going to be aiming to upload 3 times a week however, some weeks might have a little bit more content in them if needed, each week will be different too as I will be aiming to provide a mixture of content each week rather than just a full week of fashion followed by a full week of sneakers, of course the start of each month will be the same though with our favourites, new in and fitness update posts as I love writing these.  So here is what we are hoping to bring to the site in 2022... 


I have really enjoyed the fashion content we have done in 2021 and I am hoping to do even more throughout 2022. We will be doing full outfit posts alongside our favourite outfits and we will be continuing with seasonal content to hopefully give you all some outfit inspiration for that season. There might be specific store hauls alongside our new in posts as we try out new places to shop and of course some items might end up getting reviewed specifically like store options, jewellery and accessories. Towards the end of the year we might also add in a few gift guides. 


My love for sneakers is back with vengeance and I can see 2022 having a lot of sneaker content in store as I add to my sneaker collection. The sort of content that will be under this category will be wish lists and hauls alongside reviews and how to style pieces as these were some of my favourite to write in 2021. 


My fitness journey might have gone off track in 2021 but 2022 is the year of making big progress so I will be continuing with monthly updates for this as I have really enjoyed showing my journey progress because it is really good to look back on. I am also going to be adding more fitness related outfits and hauls to the site along with reviews of equipment I am using etc. Who knows my training plans might also feature a fair bit too. 


Since moving into our own home I have really taken a liking to home content on blogs and Instagram. In 2021 I started adding a bit more home content to the site but in 2022 I will hopefully be adding even more. I will hopefully be adding room transformations, reviews of any items I think fit and also any plans we have for changing things to each room or outdoors. As Christmas approaches I will also try adding some gift guides for home bits or even some mood boards over the course of the year. I am hoping a fair few changes take place in 2022 so fingers crossed we can get them done and document them on here. 

Food & Drink

I started to add a bit of food and drink onto the site in 2021 but again I am hoping to really increase this in 2022 as the few posts I did I really enjoyed. I am really to get a lot more content up in this section including reviews of places where we have been to eat & drink, wish lists and places to visit. It will also include hauls of things we have purchased and taste tests & reviews of beers and other drinks we own. I am also hoping to add top 5 lists and gift guides as and when required to this section. 

Lifestyle & Adventures 

I am going to be continuing with the new in & favourites posts but in this section I also want to add in days out and places to visit alongside reviews of places we have been such as bowling, golf or other places like that. It could also include weekends away and exploring new places as we aim to get out a little bit more throughout 2022, things like this might also including packing for those trips away. This section might also start to include things like routines etc too as I begin to build better habits throughout the year

Fingers crossed by doing these changes I can increase readers of the blog and get more people engaging with our content on here and over on our social media channels, I would even love to have people start suggesting posts they would love to read or see on places like Instagram. I am going to be taking a bit more time to sort out graphics for the site from 2022 too as I know with the equipment we have we can do so much more than we already do as I have just been lazy lately. Not only will the blog be improving but I have really neglected Instagram and Twitter lately too so I am hoping to spend a lot more time building up those channels in 2022 too as I know we can really improve on that and increase our engagement, it is just a case of remembering to post and posting the right things. 

I am really looking forward to 2022 and all that it has in store for The Northern Girl, I am really hoping we have our best year yet and really see an improvement in every aspect of the site. I am also really looking forward to getting out a bit more and discovering local places to eat and days out as I know we are certainly missing out on a whole lot in our local area. 

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