Why Did I Cancel My Gym Membership?


As most of you will know I am on a weight loss & fitness journey which I begun at the start of the year. Well since that journey began I have had a gym membership, in fact I have had a gym membership since early 2019. I was slowly starting to go back to the gym in January but then in March Covid hit and the gyms had to shut.

I honestly think the gyms shutting were a bit of a blessing in disguise for me as I started to really take my fitness journey a lot more seriously as I knew I was going to be stuck in side and I didn't want to be gaining weight and undoing all the progress I had previously made. That is why I started doing home workouts I would literally just stick a workout video on YouTube and work out in the living room. This carried on for the whole of lockdown and I really enjoyed it and I really started to notice a difference in my body and my health which definitely spurred me on to continue my journey. 

Then when the gyms reopened I was actually looking forward to going back but when I did I have to say I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I went once in 2 months and was paying for a membership I didn't use yet I was back working out at home and enjoying it so why didn't I just cancel my membership?

Well at first I was trying to talk myself round and into going to the gym more often but Liam didn't fancy going after work and I just really couldn't be bothered going. With the cold dark nights drawing in there was no chance we were going to go if we couldn't be bothered in the nicer weather. Which got me thinking if I am enjoying the home workouts why don't I just carry on with them in my own time and maybe add some equipment to make them more enjoyable in the long run.

So I sat down and started looking on the Argos website where I found a reasonably priced exercise bike and some weights which if I bought them were going to be the equivalent to 3 months of our gym memberships combined. I spoke to Liam and we agreed we might as well cancel our membership and now add equipment and enjoy working out at home. 

We picked up the bike and the weights to add to our small section of workout equipment and cancelled our membership. This got me thinking about what we could do in the future too.... so we got talking about maybe creating a home gym in our garage which I will be talking about in another post soon. 

I honestly think that cancelling our gym membership is a weight lifted off my shoulders as I don't need to worry about what others are going to think about me in the gym due to me being in the comfort of my own home. It also means between us we have an extra £35 a month to put towards either building our home gym or other things we want to pick up. 

Overall I think that by cancelling the membership I am going to end up working out more as I won't skip a work out in the morning as I might be going to the gym that day or not. It will hopefully mean I can use the weights more often too as I won't have people with huge muscles watching my every move. 

Fingers crossed this is going to be a step in the right direction for me and I can get back on track with the weight loss and the progress I was previously making as that has really slowed down lately.

Do you have a gym membership or do you prefer home workouts? 

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