Nike React Element 55's : Gym or Lifestyle Sneaker

Have you ever bought a pair of sneakers to use for one thing but then started to change your mind? 

Well that is what has happened with these Nike React Element 55's. On a trip shopping lately I went into Office shoes who had a huge sale on, to be honest I wasn't going in to look for me I was actually going to to see if the had anything for my mum but I came across these for just £40 and knew I wasn't leaving without them. 

These sneakers were reducing down from £115 and to be honest if these were at the full price of £115 I don't think I would have got them as for me that is just a little too much to pay for one pair, but I have liked the look of these for a while now so to see them at £40 they were definitely being purchased. 

To be honest these would have been worth the £115 price tag just for the comfort and the way they stand out so for £40 these are a steal.

As I say these were originally bought to be my new gym sneakers as a little bit of a treat but after wearing them a few times to break them in I actually want to use them as everyday sneakers as they just feel too good to be worn just for the gym.  

What stood out to me the most was the colours on this sneaker, they are stand out without being too overpowering. You have the yellow, orange, green and blue all on the white sneaker with all different symbols etc. I particularly love the little targets on the heel and the yellow heel tab. 

The thing I am most worried about it how dirty they are going to get with them being so white, I guess this is one reason I am tempted to wear them just for the gym. But as long as I love after these and keep on top of cleaning them I should very easily get my £40 worth.

In terms or comfort these are absolutely spot on as the sole is a bit like the boost you get in a pair of Adidas. It actually feels like I am walking on clouds when I wear these. These are definitely more of a sport style sneaker thanks to the silhouette although it could very easily be lifestyle sneaker. 

 Who knows these might end up for the gym but for now I am still undecided but keep an eye on Instagram as I am sure I will be wearing these plenty of times for whatever I do decide. What do you think should they be gym only or should I keep them for everyday? 

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