Autumn essentials For Everyone

Autumn is definitely my favourite time of the year, I love the colder darker nights where you can just get cosy, watch a film or play games. I love those weekends where there is no football to go too so you can just put on your comfy clothes, light a candle and binge watch TV, films and play all the games. But on the flip side for some reason I also enjoy going out more often in the autumn, especially when it is those cold crisp days that you can get layered up on and go for a lovely day out. So here are the essentials I believe everyone should have for those autumn days... 

Black Jeans 

To be honest I wear black jeans all year round however, I much prefer wearing black jeans in the autumn weather. A nice ripped pair can give a layered look an edgier look but a nice fitting black skinny pair can give you a much smarter look. There are so many different style of black jeans out there lately so there is literally something for everyones style whether you prefer skinny or straight leg ones. 


Jumpers are another essential you are definitely going to want to have as t-shirt weather is long gone and you are going to need something the keeps you warm and cosy on those colder days. There are plenty of different options out there but some of my favourites are a thin knitted jumper for those cooler days, a chunky knit for those cold days and the sweatshirt style of jumper. A good crew neck sweatshirt will go with plenty of your wardrobe and my current favourite jumper is my Tommy Jeans one that I picked up from a designer outlet last year. This jumper is perfect for those in between days as you can wear it without a jacket but it is also super easy to layer.


Hoodies are one of my go to items all year around however, I love them even more when it comes to autumn as I especially love layering them with some of my favourite jackets. You can get plain or printed hoodies and they will add a different aspects to outfits. A nice plain hoodie on its own can look great but throw on a leather jacket or bomber jacket with this you have a smarter look that is going to keep you warmer. If you have a printed hoodie peeping out from your jacket you have something a little more stand out. 

Checked Flannel Shirt 

By far one of my go to items is a good checked shirt, in fact there hasn't been a year in the past 5 where I haven't had at least 2 in my wardrobe ready to go. I will wear these either open with a plain t-shirt underneath or buttoned up but just having the shirts on hand means I have a couple of smarter options to go to in the colder weather. It is nice to wear them and feel a little more dressed up as opposed to just wearing t-shirts all the time. There are plenty of different colourways out there but my go to are a Burberry style or the classic red check. 

Demin Shirt


Similarly to always having a checked shirt on hand I will also have a couple of denim shirts in the wardrobe at all times. I tend to have these in grey, black and dark denim as these just fit my style better but there are also others out there that may suit your style a bit better. Throughout the autumn you are definitely going to see me wearing my denim shirts a lot more often. You can pick up a good quality denim shirt for a reasonable price so definitely have a look and pick one up for yourself.

Plain t-shirts 

Plain t-shirts are an essential for all seasons to be honest but for autumn I definitely go for plain t-shirts over my printed t-shirts more often. This is due to me layering with shirts so wanting something plain and also due to me wearing hoodies a lot more often, there is no point getting a printed t-shirt dirty if it is just going to be hidden away. There are some great fitting in-expensive plain t-shirts out there but it might just be a case of shopping around a little bit to find the perfect ones for you. I would definitely recommend looking for black, white and dark grey ones for the autumn season. 

Long Sleeve t-shirt 

Something that I only started wearing last year is long sleeved t-shirts. They are just something I never thought about but then I picked up a Vans and Guess one and feel in love. They are perfect for those days where it is cooler outside but not too cold. One of these under a zip up hoodie or a lightweight jacket is fantastic in my opinion, just any print or logo peeping out under the jacket is great plus your arms stay nice and warm as opposed to if you were just wearing a t-shirt.


The most essential item for those days where you are just lounging around in the house. Comfort is essential if you are sat around or moving about and with a good pair of sweatpants you will be comfortable, able to move around without feeling restricted and also keep your legs nice and warm. Sweatpants are my go to if I am just having a day of gaming or binge watching TV or YouTube as I don't feel half as restricted as I do when I wear jeans. You can get some great sweatpants at reasonable prices and my favourite pair is actually a grey pair I got from Primark for just £9 so picking a pair up isn't going to break the bank.

Smart trousers

For me a pair of smart trousers is great for when you want to get dressed up a little for any event or day out. My go to pair in autumn is a pair of checked straight leg trousers, pair this with a plain t-shirt or nice shirt you have the perfect outfit. Obviously there are other plain options of smart trousers such as a nice black tapered pair or grey ones but for me it is still all about those checked pants. But again I definitely recommend having a shop around to find some that fit your style & wardrobe better. 

Denim Jacket

Just like with a denim shirt a denim jacket is essential for autumn especially a darker or black denim jacket. A denim jacket can really make a layered look as opposed to just sticking a coat over the top of it. Again you can get a denim jacket at a reasonable price and in a style to suit you. My current favourite is a £25 one I got from Primark a few years ago, it is a black denim jacket with a sherpa style collar, even after being worn a lot over the past few years it is still holding up really well. 

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is an item I used to love but unfortunately I grew out of my previous one and I haven't replaced it since. I am hoping that this year is going to change that though as a leather jacket layered with a nice simple hoodie, Chelsea boots and skinny black jeans in my opinion is a great look. Plus a leather jacket with a vintage looking t-shirt is looking like it could be a big look this year. If you know of anywhere that I can get a good quality leather jacket from then please do let me know. 

Rain Jacket 

A lightweight rain jacket is essential as autumn can still some quite warm weather but it can be pouring with rain especially here in the UK. A lightweight jacket will keep you dry but also mean you wont be too warm with that extra layer on. Alternatively if you want to layer up a lightweight jacket will mean that you have that extra layer without getting too warm and will also help keep you dry if you are caught in a downpour. 

Smart Coat

If you are wanting to go for a smarter look then you aren't going to want to wear a sporty style lightweight jacket, you are going to want for something that looks smart and professional. For me I have a smart pea style coat that I have had for years now and it is absolutely fantastic as it does it's job just right. It looks great with my smart trousers or skinny jeans and just smartens a look up overall whilst keeping me nice and warm. I have found that this style of coat works really well with my scarves I own too. 

White Sneakers 

The classic white sneakers can be paired up with any of the clothing items on this list and work really well. In autumn a nice smart casual pair can fit in with a smart outfit or a chunkier pair such as the Air Force 1's can give a classic sporty look to any of the items. I have really only just started buying plain white sneakers but from now on I am always going to have a few options to hand. You don't have to break the bank buying them either as one of my favourite pairs is actually a pair that cost me £12 from Primark. 

Chelsea Boots

Other than sneakers there is only one other footwear option I tend to reach to especially in autumn and this is the classic Chelsea boots. They just go with most of my wardrobe like the skinny jeans and smart trousers but they just look so smart compared to my usual sneakers. It is nice just to feel dressed up for a change if I have a pair of Chelsea boots on and it feels as though I make a bit more of an effort when I wear these. I would recommend a black and brown pair of these, at the moment I just have suede style ones but I would to get some leather look ones soon. 

Vans / Converse

 You can't beat a pair of Van's Old Skools or a black pair of Converse to pair with any of the above clothing items. Again they just give something different to a look as opposed to my usual go to sport style sneaker look. Currently I don't have any Old Skool Vans in my collection but I do have other styles that I can't wait to wear throughout autumn. 


A scarf is an item I haven't always worn unless it was a football scarf. However, that is definitely going to change as a few years ago I got a really soft, comfortable Vivienne Westwood scarf gifted to me for Christmas from my auntie & uncle. I haven't actually worn this yet as I just didn't have the clothing to wear it with or an occasion to wear it for but that is definitely going to change this year. A scarf is certainly an essential when there is a chill in the air as it just gives you an extra layer of warmth. 


Here in the UK there could be a downpour at any time so in my opinion an umbrella just to keep in your bag as a just in case measure. A small simple black umbrella won't ruin your outfit and will instead keep your outfit dry and fit in pretty well. 

Thick Socks

Gone are the days of no show socks as the weather gets colder. For me as soon as the weather starts to get colder the no show socks disappear and my thicker socks get brought out. It is all about the sports socks in the colder weather for me and I usually live in Nike socks however, I think I am going to try pick up some smarter thicker socks for with my smarter trousers and Chelsea boots. It is time to invest in those smaller details for a change. 


Not only do you need to keep your feet warm but you are also going to want to keep your head warm. Throughout summer it is all about snap-backs and baseball caps but once it gets colder it is all about the beanie hats to keep your head nice and warm. As the weather drops I will tend to wear a beanie 90% of the time and there are so many different style out there for you. 

So there you have it those are what I believe everyone should have for autumn, what are your autumn essentials? Anything you would add to the list?

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