Weekly Round Up #39


Well another week is over and done with and I am now back to some for of normality as I am back to work full time this week. This meant that last week was all about getting things done ready for me going back to work so nothing was neglected. Here is what I got up to last week...


On Monday I had a day at home getting plenty of jobs done which mainly meant I was sat at my PC blogging away. I got a lot of blog posts done or all 3 blogs which was great. Plus the gardener was here sorting the gardens out at long last.


Tuesday was a day with my nephew, we nipped into town where I managed to refrain from spending too much money although I did end up buying a lot of Christmas presents in the end. We even called into The Range & B&M where I fell in love with far too many Christmas decorations.


Wednesday was a really fun day as I went pumpkin picking with my nephew. It was great as it was on a farm so there were plenty of animals for him to see plus he went on his first pony ride. We got soaked but it was well worth it. We then went through to Blackpool to drive through the Illumination which although they are the same every year were great. 


On Thursday it was back to the office for me and again the day flew by it was nice being back in the office and getting plenty done. I have had some ideas for building up a social media presence for the business too so that should be fun to work on. Once I was home from work I did an hour on the exercise bike before just relaxing.


Friday was a day of work again but we get a 4pm finish on a Friday so I got straight home and cracked on with some jobs around the house. It was nice to get everything done at a reasonable time so the rest of the night was spent relaxing. 


Saturday was a get jobs done day as Liam wasn't working either. I spent most of my day sorting through boxes of clothing I had in the loft before finally tackling the dreaded wardrobe and spare room. It is nice to see everything looking clean and tidy again. I managed to play a bit of FIFA too which was fun.


Sunday started off as a bit of a lazy day before I sat at the PC to do some last few blogging bits for the week. It has been so nice having all this extra time for blogging with no work or football but it was nice knowing that Monday was back to a bit of normality too. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Once again it had been all about YouTube. I have been enjoying a lot of fashion and sneaker content again recently. 

Reading:  Again I didn't get around to reading anything last week due to lack of time. 
Listening to: I really enjoyed listening to a lot of Demi Lovato and Lucy Spraggan again last week. 

This week I want to finally get back into some sort of routine with work, blogging, gaming & my fitness journey. I don't want my first week back at work to totally drain me to the stage where I neglect everything else, so I am going to try set a plan in place so I can do the things I enjoy too. I am hoping to spend more time just relaxing and playing video games too as lately I just seem to have thrown myself at the blogs 100% but I am at the stage now where nearly all content is written for the year. Fingers crossed I can get to some football too.

See you soon

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