The Best Nike Jacket I Have Owned In A Long Time

In the UK we all know that we can go out of the door to sunshine but return home soaking wet thanks to the weather suddenly changing. I have been on the look out for a lightweight jacket to keep in my bag or wear on those warm overcast days just to stop me getting soaked. 

I have found the perfect jacket with this Nike one I picked up for just £35 in the JD sale. It is black and white so fits 90% of my wardrobe and also is super lightweight so is easy to fold up and keep in my bag when it isn't required. 

Previously I spent a fortune on a red Adidas jacket similar to this however, in the first down pour it provided no protection and I was soaked, you could even see the water on my t-shirt it had come through that much. With this though I got caught in a really big downpour at the seaside recently and it kept me nice and dry not a single drop of water came through. 

 The jacket is a simple black jacket with a white zip, logo and drawstrings and that is it. So it is very basic but that is better for me as it will go with more items in my wardrobe. It is also an oversized, relaxed fit which means there is plenty of room in it for any future layering up. 

I love the elasticated cuffs and bottom as the cuffs on the sleeves in my eyes really help keep any rain water running down the sleeves and also just give it a little bit more of a fit to the design. I prefer jackets with cuffed sleeves as I just feel as though the sleeves just stay in place a lot better than those that don't have them. 

I am so glad I managed to pick this jacket up for such a good price and to be honest I now know where I am going to look for lightweight jackets in the future, especially as I love the sporty style this has. 

Do you prefer sporty or smarter style jackets?

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