The Wardrobe Essentials : The Accessories Everyone Needs To Hand

This past year I have upped my accessory game as I have found sometimes it is those little details that can really make an outfit look a little bit extra. In previous years I haven't really bothered with adding anything extra to my outfits or taking care about those extra details I have added, take my backpack for example for over a year I walked around with a Star Wars back pack that was literally falling apart as it had so many holes in it. However, as I have spent more time investing in the finer details lately I have come to realise you don't have to spend a fortune to add great accessories to your outfits. So here are the accessories everyone should own...

A Watch

There are so many options for watches out there and they don't need to cost you a fortune. I didn't used to wear a watch but now I have started wearing one daily if I ever forget to wear one my wrist feels naked and it bugs me for the day. One day I dream of owning a Tag Heuer watch but for now as I save up for that I had a nice smart rose gold Michael Kors watch and a few different high street ones which look more expensive than they are. I will definitely be buying more watches very soon so keep an eye on my Instagram and here for those but for now I would recommend having a smart watch for those occasions you are dressing nicely, a sporty or more causal one for when you are dressing down a bit. If you like your tech like me I would also recommend a tech watch, I have the Apple Watch currently and it is fantastic for keeping me on track with my fitness goals and even helps me stop missing calls. 


This is a new one for me and I probably wouldn't have added these if I wrote this post last year. Similarly to watches you can pick up some great rings from the high street or if you wish you can go high end. Which ever way you go if you pair these well with your other accessories you are onto a winner. My hands have always felt bare but now I am wearing a ring it just adds another layer to my outfits and my hands no longer feel bare. I really want to up my ring collection but at the moment my go to's are my Gucci one or my grandads old ring. They both add different aspects to my outfits due to being different style so I currently have a variety of occasions covered. 


For so long my only necklace was a silver chain however, for my birthday my sister got me a few more new ones that add a smarter casual look to my outfits instead of the chunky silver chain. My chain is perfect for those plain and simple looks but these with the pendants on just add something a little different and creates a focus point for a plain outfit or a layered outfit. Have a look around as there are plenty of necklaces out there for every style, you could go silver, gold, rose gold or even leather. 


Another new addition for me has been the introduction of bracelets into my jewellery box. When I don't fancy wearing a watch (which is pretty rare to be honest) a bracelet just stops your wrist feeling so naked. Once again there are plenty of options out there to suit everyone's style however, my favourites are chain or leather as they just go with so many outfits I wear. There are so many places that sell really nice looking bracelets at all different price points too so you don't have to break the bank for your wrist not too feel so bare. 


Sunglasses have always been a personal favourite of mine and when I was younger I actually had a full shelf just full of sunglasses as I owned that many. They are perfect for driving in when the sun is super low and on those days where you just need to give your eyes that extra bit of protection. There are so many great pairs of sunglasses out there and I have a few in my collection today that fit my style perfectly. Have a shop around for ones that may suit your style better but you are definitely going to find that perfect pair. My current favourites are a pair of prescription Ray-Bans I have had for years now. 


If you need glasses make sure you wear them, I learnt that the hard way as by not wearing them as I thought they didn't fit my style I suffered from really bad headaches that take ages to go away. Now I have a few pairs all in different styles so that no matter what I wear I have a pair to go with the outfit. There is no sense in damaging your eye sight just to make an outfit look a tiny bit better.


Ah belts, the absolute essential as no-one needs to be constantly having to pull up their pants. Your pants have belt loops for a reason so make the most of them. An outfit definitely looks a lot better with a belt on too as the belt loops are filled and don't look bare. In your wardrobe you are going to want a black and brown belt for those everyday outfits and possibly even a woven one for those warmer months where you are wearing things such as chinos. 

Quality Socks

No one wants to be going out with old socks full of holes in them, what if you enter someones house and they ask you to take your shoes off? You also don't want them to be over the top if you are going for a smarter look. My current go to's when I wear my jeans and sneakers are some quality sport socks or no show socks however, if I am wearing something a bit smarter I will end up opting for a nice pair of cotton socks. Socks certainly don't need to break the bank so definitely try to keep on top of them to make sure they are always top quality.  


In the summer you want to protect your head from the sun so a dad cap or snap-back will definitely be a brilliant option with plenty of choices for anyone's style. In the winter months and on those colder days you are going to want to keep your head warm. A hat is a really cheap way to help keep warm that can also help add some extra style to your overall outfit. 


Just like with hats on those colder days you are going to want to get wrapped and I have found recently that the best way to do this is with a scarf. You could have a nice thick chunky scarf, or one of my personal favourites... a football scarf. Or you could have a nice thinner scarf in a material such as cashmere or wool that will certainly keep you warm. My current favourite scarf is definitely my Vivienne Westwood one which I am sure will be getting plenty of wear over the coming months. 


This is an item that is certainly under rated but will definitely help you out especially here in the UK. There are plenty of places out there that do plain black umbrellas that are small enough just to have in your bag so if you do end up being caught in a down pour you can just pull it out of your bag and have that extra protection against the lovely British weather. 

Wallet / Card Holder

A good wallet is certainly an essential to keep all your money all together. For so long I would just throw my money in my pockets and head out for the day but then I started to realise I needed somewhere to put everything so that I didn't lose anything. There are plenty of wallet options out there but my favourites are leather style ones with a small space for coins. However, if I don't fancy wanting to take out a bulky wallet I will just pick up my card holder where I can just put in the items I need and head out for the day.

A Good Quality Bag

A bag is an essential for me is, no matter where I go I will  have a bag with me normally in the form of a backpack. Having a backpack with me is an essential as it means I can have exactly what I need with me at all times. Say I am going to my work or down to my sisters for the day I will put my laptop and blog notebooks in my bag for any spare time I get. If I am out for the day and it involves a bit of a journey I will normally add my  Switch to this to keep me entertained. For those weekends away I would also recommend a nice holdall which can fit enough in for however, long you are away for. Previously I have just used a cheap sports style holdall but last Christmas my grandparents upgraded me to a leather style one that matched my backpack so I can co-ordinate myself a little better. 

So there you have it those are the accessories I believe that everyone should have in their wardrobe or on hand at all times. What are some accessories you cant cope without? 

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