August & September New In

 It seems I forgot to press publish on my August new in post so this month you get both August & September rolled into one. I have been focusing a lot these past few months on picking up bits for Christmas, my wardrobe and jewellery so that has definitely been a focus in August & September. 

So here is what I picked up in August...

If you have read previous posts or follow me on social media you will know that I said this year I wanted to improve my jewellery collection, well I have now added 5 bracelets into my collection thanks to me finding this perfect pack for me in Primark for just £4.

At Christmas I got a gift voucher from Liam's grandparents for Next, I have been on the hunt for some chino's in my size since then and at long last I have finally found them. These were £20 and are a little on the tight side for me but I know they are going to be the perfect fit soon. 

I really needed a new lightweight jacket especially with how the weather has been lately, so the other month I sent my family 3 options and they said they preferred this one. At first I couldn't find this jacket in my size anywhere but it was like it was meant to be as when I did find it the jacket was actually in the sale so I managed to pick this up for just £35.

As autumn approaches I have been been trying to take stock of what I have in my wardrobe for the season and what I need to pick up... well I seem to be really slacking in checked shirts so on a recent trip to the White Rose I called into H&M and picked up this checked shirt for £17.99, I now need to find this shirt in plenty of other colours as it is perfect. 

Can you ever have too many swim shorts? Well apparently I can't as my wardrobe is now overflowing with them but I love this pair for next summer as they look and feel expensive yet they only cost me £2.50. 

When I was in H&M I came across these Pikachu socks so there was no way I was leaving without them. But then I saw these ones with the tiger which kind of gave me Gucci vibes so I picked them up too, the deal was 3 for 2 on these socks so I let the nephew pick my final pair and of course he spotted the duck ones so they came home with me too. 

I treated Liam to this Dragonball Z t-shirt from Primark too at just £6 I don't think you can go wrong. As soon as I saw it on the display I knew I had to pick it up for him as he loves anything Dragonball related. 

Whilst in Primark I also picked this Dragonball Super t-shirt for him for Christmas. I thought I had best pick it up when I had seen it as you never know if it is just going to disappear. Plus it is nice actually finding things for him as normally I struggle buying him gifts. 

One of our local Office Shoes had a massive sale on when we recently visited so I managed to get these Nike Element React 55's for a bargain price of £40. I love the colourway of these and they are really comfortable so for that price I wasn't going to leave them behind. I just wish I had looked around properly as I think I could have found even more bargains. Now the question is do I wear these for everyday or the gym?

The first of my big purchases for the month is this absolutely stunning Gucci Ghost ring, this cost me nearly £200 but I had my eye on it for quite a long time. This is my first and certainly not my last piece of Gucci jewellery and it is fantastic. This was definitely an investment piece for my jewellery box and I am so glad I made it. 


Now we have my biggest and best purchase... my Macbook Pro 20020. If you follow me on here and my gaming blog & social media accounts you will know I have been after one of these for so long and I have actually been working towards saving for it since the start of the year. Well I have finally made the jump and I am loving it, for me it is definitely worth the purchase. 

To be honest in relation to August September has certainly been a lot less spendy but honestly I think that is because of my birthday so here is what I picked up in September...

First up I picked up a walking Buzz Lightyear for my nephew which will be going away for Christmas. This was £14.99 from B&M and I love it, I am sure he is going to too as he loves Toy Story. Now do I get him a few more Toy Story bits or move onto Frozen?  

Thanks to me been a Spotify Premium user I got a free Google Nest Mini which to be honest I didn't think it was going to show up but it did just a few weeks after me ordering it. We have these in the kitchen and games room so this is going to fit in to the spare room very well.

I had been on the look out for some nice crushed velvet cushions for our bedroom so when I saw these nice and cheap in Home Bargains I had to pick up a couple. These have just added a little extra to the bedroom and fit in with the new style of it very well.

I ran out of my trusty hairspray too so picked up a couple of cans thanks to them being under £2. I have been struggling to find these specific ones recently but Home Bargains had plenty so I know where I will be buying them from now on. 

Primark had these Jurassic Park t-shirts for just £3 so I picked one up just for lounging around in which is something I am doing a lot more now. Even if I just wear it a few times then turn it into a pyjama top for £3 it isn't bad at all. 

Another t-shirt I have picked for lounging around in is this Xbox one again from Primark. You don't see Xbox merch right often on the UK high street for adults so I thought I may as well pick this up for those days where I am staying in and gaming. 

With autumn approaching I noticed my wardrobe was lacking in long sleeved t-shirts so when I saw this one for £22 from River Island I had to pick it up. It is the perfect weight as it's not too thick or thin so I wasn't leaving it behind and I can see it becoming a go to top for the autumn. It actually reminds me a bit of the Off White design too with the print on the sleeve. 

I managed to find the classic red and black checked flannel shirt in H&M and thanks to my birthday discount I think I got this for just over £13. I have struggled finding one of these shirts this year but I really needed to replace my old one so I am glad I finally managed to find a new one. I just can't wait to get wearing it now. 

Technically not a purchase but my dad gave me his old checked shirt which I haven't seen him wear in years. It is a little big but I can see it getting plenty of wear throughout autumn as I love the colours of it. 

Whilst having a look through my dads wardrobe I also found this Gant t-shirt which he said my grandad gave him but he has never worn (my grandad hadn't either) so I tried it on and it fit so it is now in my wardrobe. I have never had anything from Gant before but after feeling the quality on this and seeing how it fit I will certainly be buying from them in the future. 

So there you have it that is what I purchased throughout August& September and to be honest it was a great few months as I picked up some gems and some wish list items. What are your favourite pick ups from August & September? 

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