1 Month Of Online Coaching... What Happened

I was lucky enough to win a months worth of Online coaching from local personal trainer SampbFitness. I was really excited to go into this month of training as I knew I was going to push myself harder as I have someone to hold me accountable for a change. Going into the month I was hoping my habits towards food would change, I would challenge myself more and that I would see a difference in my body. So how did I find it?

It was nice to finally know roughly how many calories I should be eating each day as before I wasn't sticking to anything and would just eat for the sake of it. However, having my calorie goal set I found myself checking into MyFitnessPal a lot more and actually considering what food I was putting into my body. This definitely helped me realise going forward what is good for me and my downfalls. Throughout the month I didn't go over my calories once so I think it has definitely been a learning curve for me, I even started adding fruit and veg into my diet. 

In terms of workouts I have learnt new exercises that I probably wouldn't have tried previously however, I have also grown to tolerate some exercises I previously didn't like at all such as the dreaded burpees. I actually looked forward to my workouts too and even enjoyed feeling so refreshed and energised after each one. Never did I think I would enjoy getting up to workout but it has become a bit of a routine now.  

Throughout the month I also had the goal to reach 8,000 to 9,000 steps a day which was definitely a challenge but one I really enjoyed trying to achieve. There was a few days where I got nowhere near the goal but it got me wearing my Apple watch a lot more and actually considering how much I was moving around. It certainly got me more active as I wanted to push for those steps instead of just sitting around.

The month also taught me the importance of rest days, there is no way I could have exercised everyday and I actually did end up aggravating an old injury which I actually recovered from quicker than usual as I rested for once instead of pushing it. Now I know I don't need to push it too much everyday and that I can rest and still make progress. 

So here is what the physical changes went like

Weight start : 15 stone 10 & 3/4lb end : 15 stone 8 & 1/2 lb

Waist start : 110cm end : 110 cm

Hips start : 116 cm  end : 112cm

Right thigh start : 67cm end : 64cm

Right calf start : 43cm end : 44cm

It is nice to see a few of those stats decrease especially with my weight and hips dropping as these are my 2 biggest problem areas. One of my biggest aims for the month was to drop 2cm off my hips so to drop 4cm off is even better. 

So going forward I know that rest is needed, my eating habits still need improvements and I can mix up my workouts and enjoy them. The past month has really taught me a lot and I am going to keep pushing myself and continue making the progress I have been doing as the results are really starting to become noticeable.

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