The River Island T-Shirt That Looks More Expensive Than It Is

I have been needing some smaller clothing lately thanks to my weight loss, one place I hadn't shopped in for quite a while has been River Island which is just down to clothing not really fitting me but during the recent sale I picked up this grey t-shirt with a small print on the front and larger print on the back for just £10. I managed to get this in a size large which is a size below my normal and it is the perfect fit, although it is now currently a little on the oversized size. 

This t-shirt certainly gave me Off White vibes when I first saw it and to be honest with you it is one of the reasons that sold me on it along with the cheap price tag. The t-shirt has this huge logo embroidered on the back of it which makes the t-shirt a standout although you can make any outfit with this t-shirt look simple by throwing on a jacket as then the logo is covered up. 

I have really enjoyed styling this t-shirt as it is super easy to do with so many possibilities available with the other items I currently have in my wardrobe. I do currently have two go to ways of styling this t-shirt though and those are...

I love to team this t-shirt up with a pair of skinny smart cargo pants that I picked up from Primark as they just work well with the oversized look of the t-shirt. Then I just throw on a pair of white sneakers. If I am going for a smarter look I will add my simple white sneakers from Primark but if I want to go for a more street look I will add my white Nike Air Force 1's. Just to add an extra layer to the outfit I also add one of my new River Island necklaces, especially my silver feather one which looks simple but adds a little extra. For me the colours of this outfit just work really well together and the whole outfit can be kept at a really reasonable price.  

 Next up we get rid of the necklace, switch up the cargo's for some black skinny jeans which are either ripped or not and add a pair of the classic black Converse and for me you have the perfect look. I love how again the colours all work really together and the Converse just seem to give it a bit of a smarter look. Again the skinny jeans just work well against the oversized t-shirt plus the ripped jeans give it a bit of an edgier look than normal. Through on a nice black bomber jacket with this on those colder days and you have finished off the look perfectly. 

So those are the bases of my two favourite ways to style this t-shirt however, you can change this up in so many ways, add some sweatpants instead of jeans or even just throw on a dark denim jacket and you have some great looks. Keep an eye on my Instagram as I am sure you will see this t-shirt being styled in plenty of ways over the next year as the weather changes.

How would you style this t-shirt? 

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