So What's The Plan For The Home Gym?


When we cancelled our gym memberships we spoke about transforming our garage into a home gym area which got me thinking of how I would have it so today's post is all about the plans I have in mind for the home gym... 

We currently have a single garage structure which we don't use as it isn't in good condition at all. When we moved in it was left with a broken garage door, not so good roof and a big hole where the window was missing. So since we moved in back in 2018 we have just used it for storing the rubbish we haven't got around to getting rid of. So I am thinking knock it down, extend it a bit and add the gym equipment. 

I would love for it to have a few different areas and be totally kitted out with what is needed to give me the best workout. That way I believe I will benefit a lot more from the time I spend working out as I can train different areas each day and not just use one piece of equipment each time.

I would love a cardio section with a bike, rower and treadmill or cross trainer. This would mean if I wanted a decent cardio session I would have anything I would go to if I went to a gym. My hopes are to have an area big enough for me and Liam to work out in together so that I don't have to train alone and don't feel too cramped when we are in there together.

A free weights section would also be a must as I have started incorporating them into my routines. I have a bit of a collection of weights at the moment and only want to expand that as I continue my training and increase what I can lift. This area would also ideally have a bench in it for when I am lifting weights and also some spare room for training in if I aren't using any equipment. 

I would love to include a few other bits of equipment in the gym too as time progressed that could also help me on my journey. I would love to add a cable pulley in the future just to up the workouts and maybe add in a squat rack for when I finally feel confident for doing those types of workouts which I don't think is going to be for a while if I am honest.

Not only do I want this to be a space for me and Liam to train in, I would love for it to be big enough for me to have family & friends round to train in it too. I am really hoping we can get cracking on our home gym project in the near future as I believe it could be really beneficial for me in the long run.

What would make up your perfect home gym?

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