Weekly Round Up #19

Liam was back at work on Monday which meant it was back to me being at home on my own which after a few weeks of having him at home with me was definitely strange. But I had a pretty productive day and got a few bits planned out for the blog & got a few posts written. 

 Another day working on the blog for me and to be honest it was even more productive than Monday which was great. 

My mum and nephew came round to drop some bits off for me and for me to give them some bits too. It was nice to see them even socially distanced just seeing them makes the day go quicker and brightens up the day. I even played a bit of football with my re-bounder and sat out and read my book. It was great just spending some time in the sun although I ended up sun burnt. 

Thursday was another day back at the desk blogging away. I managed to get so much done once again and loved it. It has been great blogging away during the days I just seem to have got so much done. 

Firday was a bank holiday for us so Liam was off work again. It was another nice day so we went on a 5K walk where we both ended up sun burnt so we ended up spending the rest of the day in the house so we didn't get even worse.

Saturday was a bit of a lazy day for us we had a sleep in, I played some FIFA then did a little bit of blogging. 

 Sunday was a late start again, we got up had some bacon sandwiches watched Brassic then I spent the rest of my time blogging away again.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Liam has got me watching Brassic & I absolutely love it. Other than that all I have watched is YouTube.

Reading: I managed to get through plenty more of my book whilst I took advantage of the nice weather. 

Listening to: With me sitting outside a bit I had my garden playlist on a lot more last week and I loved it. 

This week I want to carry on getting as much blog stuff done as possible because after Boris's announcement on Sunday I might be back to work soon. Other than blogging there isn't much I else I want to do, I might try finish some programmes on Disney+ too but who knows.  

See you soon

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