April 2020 Favourites

Well April has officially been spent lockdown, it has been a strange month, birthday's have been missed and I definitely missed my family a lot. But it has also meant a lot more time to work on my blogs and come across new favourites. So here are my favourite things from the strange month that was April...


Football shirts

I have literally lived in football shirts throughout April, if it wasn't a football shirt I was wearing it was my GymShark t-shirt as I was working out. I have just found that the football shirts are perfect for just sitting around in as they aren't too heavy and keep you nice and cool in this warm weather we have been having lately. Plus it is fun wearing a different team's shirt each day.

GymShark Shorts

It has been football shirts on the top but GymShark shorts on the bottom. I have been loving the 2 pairs I own lately as they are nice and lose fitting and comfortable for all the sitting around I have been doing lately. I have been wearing them whilst I have been working out, playing football in the garden & been sat blogging and they are holding up very well, in fact they are still as good as new. I don't know what I am going to do when I have to go back to work and wear normal clothes again.



I have been loving just switching off and playing games. Although I haven't managed to complete as many as I wanted (thanks Call of Duty bug) it has just been great having more time to play on my consoles. I would normal be at work the most of the day then come home and blog so being able to blog during the day and game on a night has been great.


Of course blogging is a favourite of mine because it is one of the only things that has kept me sane during this lockdown. I am basically treating it as a full time job whilst I am off from work which is brilliant as it is making me fall in love with making content even more. 


Games Room

Again I have practically lived in this room. It is where the majority of my day has been spent due to me using my PC to blog on or me just spending more time playing my games. Not only am I in here though but Liam is in here a lot too which is great as I love having some company. Having everything in one space is really helpful too, I have my blogging notebooks on my desk & my whiteboard behind it which is helping me be really organised for a change. 

Getting jobs done

With all this time off our house has never looked cleaner either. Most of the things from having work done in different rooms are now out of the house, the shed is organised and all my jackets at the bottom of the stairs and nice and clean too. I wonder how much more we can do before this lockdown ends. 

Health & fitness

Football kick about's

By far my favourite thing in terms of helping me lose weight and get me fit again is just having a nice simple kick about in our garden we can be out there for any length of time and it is just really fun and is helping me cope with the lack of football at the moment. 

What are your favourites from April 2020?

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