April 2020 New In

I thought I had done well during April with my spending due to the lockdown until it came to writing this post. Where I have realised that I have spent a bit more than I expected although I have spent less than I usually would.

First up I got a few Edge of the Area t-shirts made up before the lockdown started and they arrived in April. I got one made for me, Liam and my nephew, although I think I will be ordering more in the future.

I then picked up a LSJ t-shirt, one of my favourite people on Instagram & YouTube at the moment is LSJ Fitness  so when he dropped his new t-shirts I had to purchase one straight away. I am sure you will be seeing this t-shirt on here a lot more in the future whether it is on here or my Insta as I love it.

I seemed to pick up a fair few bits from MyProtein throughout April thanks to the LSJ discount code. After not being able to find my popchips in the supermarket I decided to pick up the BBQ protein crisps from MyProtein and I have to admit they taste so much better. I also picked up a box of the sundae layered bars which I will definitely be picking up again. I thought I would give the flavour drops a go too so I have these in hazelnut which I am looking forward to trying. Finally from my protein I picked up 2 packs of the impact diet whey to try, I got these in chocolate and mint chocolate as I think these will be perfect for me.

One night me and Liam were chatting about how I used to love all types of mythology and how I would love to get back into it again. The next day this book turned up, I think this book is definitely one we are both going to enjoy reading.

Finally we have 2 Gymshark t-shirts which I picked up in their recent sale. The spring sale had 20% of some of the items so I treated myself to 2 new t-shirts which you will be seeing on here soon. I think there maybe more workout clothing deliveries coming soon as I am working out a lot more and once this lockdown is over I will be working out even more.

So those are the items I picked up in April, have you picked anything good up lately? Let me know.

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