The Jewellery I Currently Own

Now I will start by saying my jewellery collection definitely isn't spectacular most items are from high street brands but I don't often wear much jewellery so there has never been any reason for me to spend a spectacular amount on it although I am wanting to wear the items I have a lot more to mix up my outfits a bit.

The accessories I am most proud of are my watches as they are what I wear most, mainly my Apple Watch these days. But don't worry I will do an updated watch post soon.

My jewellery is kept with my watches so when I do start wearing it more I can just grab and go with everything in one place, granted if I start buying more items I might have to invest in a better jewellery box. But here is what I have so far...

 First up we have my Pandora bracelet which my mum got for me a few years a go, she got my sister one at the same time and got us both a daughter charm to go with it. I also have a Minnie Mouse charm that I still need to add. I have noticed with this bracelet though it does need a fair bit of upkeep as you can see from the picture above it does seem to get a bit discoloured.

Another charm bracelet I have is my Thomas Sabo one, I got this for my birthday a while back and have quite a few charms on it that the family have got me over the years. What I love about this charm bracelet is that every charm on it has some form of meaning behind it so it is definitely a personal one.

 Next up we have some more casual festival style bracelets I absolutely love these ones and I think they came from Topman a few years ago. I got these for a holiday we went on abroad and I am so glad I did as in the summer months they are easily some of my most worn pieces.

On the smarter end of the scale we have the gorgeous Ted Baker bangle bracelet I received from my auntie and uncle. I absolutely love this as it goes with my rose gold Michael Kors watch they also got me. This definitely only gets worn when I go out properly though as I don't want to ruin it. 

To go with the Ted Baker bracelet I picked myself up the matching earrings which again I only wear when I go out so they match the bracelet. 

 The rest of my earrings are a bit geeky, the other year Liam got me a lot of Pokemon earrings then the rest have either come from Topman or Warren James. My old most worn pair were the big white like fake plug ones, I was absolutely obsessed with these for a while but then I moved on to the small diamond studs which I love.

I don't own many necklaces but out of the few that I do I love this rustic gold dog tag that again came from Topman. This works really well with some of my all black outfits so that is great.

I haven't actually ever worn this necklace my parents got me as a joke but I really should. The family call me a T-Rex due to my short arms, that aren't actually that short. So they got me this copper T-Rex necklace which is nice and subtle.

Finally for the necklaces we have my go to which is my silver chain my parents got me for my birthday. I love these chains and I had one when I was younger but unfortunately it just got too short for me. This necklace is the one I always pick up when I get ready on a morning if I want to wear some jewellery.

 On to the rings, Liam bought some silicone rings for him to wear at work but her unfortunately got the wrong size so I stole them from him. I love these as you actually forget that they are there and they have a really nice fit to them.

Another ring that Liam bought himself is this Star Wars 'May the force be with you' spinning ring as soon as I saw it I loved it and he was kind enough to give me it. The only problem with this ring is the spinning part can definitely prove to be a distraction.

Finally we have this nice thin gold band ring that again I picked up from Topman. I definitely need to wear this one more often and it would look great with my dog tag mentioned above.

So there you have it those are the items of jewellery I currently own, it is only a small collection for now but as I say as I start to wear it more I will be investing in some new pieces. I can see a few more trips to Topman in the future but can you recommend any other companies for me to give a try?

See you soon

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