Accessories to style a spring outfit

Sometimes the way to make a nice simple outfit much better is to add a few accessories to it. Now adding accessories is something I used to love doing but then I just stopped however, it is something I am going to get back into doing as it can just lift your outfit and those extra details may end up getting people talking, wondering where you got the accessories from. Now you will have seen in my current jewellery post collection that my collection isn't that great at the moment, but I will be working on that in the future, so for now I just have to work with what I have got. Here are the accessories I will be wearing to add to my spring items and items you should look at adding to your outfits.


Rings are something I really want to start picking up more often as I love them. A good silver ring is something that will work really well and add to your look. You could pick up a chunky or thin ring and it will just add another layer, normally my hands would be totally bear but teamed up with other accessories in the same colour scheme will get people looking especially if you do opt for a statement ring. If you own a lot of gold jewellery you might opt for a gold ring to fit in with what you have and there are also some great options for rings in this colour. You just don't want to wear all gold with a silver ring, it will just stand out for the wrong reasons.


This is an item I have always loved, from being a teenager I have always owned plenty of necklaces but I need to add more to this collection. From a young age I have had a silver chain in my collection, just nice and simple but adds an element to my outfit especially if worn with something plain. I want to add some different thicknesses of chains into my collection so I can have something nice and simple and not as chunky. There is also the option to go for a pendant necklace or a dog tag if you want to add something a bit longer with a bit more detail. I will definitely be wearing this dog tag style necklace with some of my smarter casual outfits throughout spring as I tend to go for plain t-shirts in my smarter outfits, you don't want to have too much going on at once.


Bracelets are definitely a department I am lacking in, I only really have these festival style bracelets which I find great to wear in the warmer weather, team it up with some denim shorts & plain t-shirt with an open shirt over the top I have found I love this look, plus it just stops your arms looking bare when you are wearing t-shirts. Leather and metal bracelet are also great as they can just make an outfit look a lot smarter, I will definitely be picking up some more bracelets in the metal/leather style over the next year as I just want a smarter look on my wrist and something that you can tell is quality even if it is just peeping out from under a longer sleeve.


Watches are something I have loved for years and actually have a small collection of which is certainly going to grow over the next few years as to me watches are a great investment. Whether it is a smart, sporty or tech watch that is on your wrist people are going to be looking at what you are rocking. Like I say I have quite a few watches already and each one adds something different. I have a smart looking Michael Kors watch which I wear if I am going to a party etc as it just adds a smarter look to the outfit it is what I class as an evening watch. Then we have my Apple watch which is often my daily wear, then we have some watches with silicone or leather straps. Each watch can define an outfit and get people chatting, to me my Apple watch is a daily wear as it goes with everything in my wardrobe, my Michael Kors is a fancy watch and is saved for special occasions then the rest of my watches get worn depending on what I wear. For the spring if you are going for a sport watch you are going to want to pick a sporty style watch. If it is a smarter casual you are going to want a watch that matches any jewellery you are wearing and one that is going to fit that style of outfit, this is when I will opt for a metal strap watch or a leather strap watch. The watches you should be looking at are leather straps, metal straps, 2 tone, sporty & mesh straps but overall you are going to want the ones that fit your style. For spring I will mainly be wearing a metal strap or my Apple watch as they fit my current style much better. There will be more watch posts coming in the future that breaks down the styles & options available to you.


It is finally spring which means the sun should be starting to come out. I always try to have a pair of sunglasses handy to me because you never know when the sun is going to come out and start blinding you. I have definitely learnt over the years that it is better to protect your eyes than spend hours on end squinting trying to block out the sunlight. For so long I didn't pick up a pair of prescription sunglasses and I learnt the hard way that I needed them. They might seem pricey at the beginning but if you do need prescription sunglasses invest in them. A classic pair of Ray Bans have become an essential for me but there are all sorts of options out there. Sunglasses are definitely an investment you should consider making and adding to your accessories collection because your eye health really matters. You could go all black or you could get gold arms or tortoise shell arms there are so many options to fit all face shapes & outfit styles. Try to invest in a pair that work with over half your wardrobe and you are set.


Finally we have hats which is an optional one, some people don't suit hats and others do so the choice is yours. The 2 hats I opt for are the snap-back or what is referred to as the dad hat. My snap-back collection is definitely growing and has done since my collection post you can read here. I only tend to wear hats when I am wearing a lounging/sporty outfits as they are what they go with better in my opinion however, worn with the right outfit a dad hat could look good in a minimal smart casual outfit. Granted I personally don't wear hats all the time but they are perfect for those bad hair days or when the top of your head needs a bit of added protection.

So there you have it those are the accessories I opt to wear throughout spring and the ones you should take a look at adding to your collection too. Some of these pieces won't be for everyone but you never know if you give them a go you might make that outfit stand out a bit more and fall in love with the new accessories you pick up or wear more often.

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