My Current MyProtein Collection

It is quite funny how a year ago I would avoided working out at all costs, but since the start of 202 that has really changed and I now enjoy working out and have invested a lot of money into workout clothing & have even spent a fair bit on MyProtein so far this year. Now I would never have considered protein powders, BCAA's & protein bars but these days some of those items are becoming everyday staples to help my weight loss journey and post exercise recovery.

Between me and Liam (mainly me) we have definitely got quite a few items so much so that we have actually got a MyProtein cupboard and one draw with some MyProtein items in, they are slowly taking over the kitchen. Here is what we currently have... 

First up we have my daily essentials, my BCAA's. These are my go to daily items and they taste lovely. It is literally just like having a bottle of juice by my side and they are so easy to drink. My current go to flavours are the tropical, blue raspberry  and strawberry & lime ones but I am hoping to order some different flavours very soon. I ended up picking up some of these tubs from the poundshop to store the powders in as I was fed up of my arms getting covered in the powder when I was getting to the bottom of the packs. 

We seemed to have gathered a fair few shaker bottles too since starting buying from MyProtein. I prefer the plastic bottles for my BCAA's but Liam prefers the metal shakers for his protein shakes so we have plenty in the cupboard to reach for. I go this big water bottle too for when I am outdoors doing football drills but currently it has just been great for my home workouts and making sure I keep drinking plenty of water through out the day. 

Liam likes to have the impact whey protein and this time he has got the salted caramel pack, because he has this quite of this we always get his in a 1kg bag. I decided on my last order to give some of the diet whey a go, seen as I haven't had it before I got 250g bags to try. My picks were just the chocolate one and the mint chocolate one. 

During the lockdown I have struggled to find my favourite popchips so when ordering with MyProtein I picked up some of their bbq protein crisps and WOW these are lovely and possibly better than the popchips so I will be buying these again. I also got some of the hazelnut flavourdrops just to add to any porridge I might have & also add a few drops to my chocolate protein shake. Finally we have another favourite of mine the layered bars in the chocolate sundae flavour, I am usually picky with what protein bars have but these definitely tick all the boxes. 

If you want an in depth post on any of these items in the future then please let me know and I will see what I can do for you. Do you ever order from MyProtein? What are your favourite products from them? 

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