Weekly Round Up #18

Well another week down and it was a week where the weather didn't know what it wanted to do, some days it rained other days the sun was cracking the flags and it was too warm. Last week was a pretty productive week so here is what I got up to... 

I was up nice and early blogging away. I was just going to try focus on one blog on Monday but I managed to get a lot more done than expected. I even managed to get a lot of pictures taken too ready for some future blog posts.

Tuesday was another day sat in front of the PC screens blogging away. I was actually quite surprised with how much I got done on Tuesday as I got plenty done on all 3 of my blogs. 

Wednesday was just a chilled day, I spent it watching YouTube and Disney+ and playing Call of Duty. It was great just having a day of relaxing and having some down time. 

We found out Liam was going back to work on Monday so we tried getting some jobs done around the house so I didn't have loads to do whilst I was in on my own. We had a really good day just tidying the house, the bedroom was fully cleaned and the wardrobe was sorted out for once with all my spring/summer clothing added in. 

It was my mum's birthday on Friday as well as her & my dad's wedding anniversary so me and Liam had a nice socially distanced visit to drop off the cards. It was nice to see the family then it was home to set up my new phone which arrived, sorting that out took a lot of time. 

Saturday was another lazy day for me just watching YouTube and relaxing, I definitely need to have more days like this.

On Sunday it was my Nanna's birthday, so the morning was spent having a social distanced trip to her house to drop off her card and present. Once we got back from there we headed straight back out this time for a walk. I have been loving going on walks lately and we managed to get another 5k done, the rest of the day was again just watching YouTube. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: YouTube, YouTube and more YouTube that is mainly what I have been watching, I have been watching tech, productivity, sneaker & fashion videos I have been loving it. I also watched a bit of Code 404 with Liam, it is definitely a strange show but I can see me watching more of it. 

Reading: I managed to get caught up on some blog reading last week but that is the only reading I did. 

Listening to: Again it has been mainly Demi Lovato I have been listening however, I have been loving listening to death bed by Powfu too it's such a good song.

This week I want to carry on working on my blogs, I am determined to get as ahead as I can for when this lockdown is over. I also want to make a start on watching The Last Dance on Netflix too. Hopefully in between all this I can get some more housework done and continue with my workouts. 

See you soon

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