What I wore for my 28th birthday

It is always hard to decide what to wear for my birthday as with it being at the start of September you are basically in between seasons these days so you could dress for autumn weather and by lunch time you are far too warm or you could dress for summer and be freezing cold by lunch time. This year was no different and honestly we should have called what was going to happen on the actual birthday shopping trip with how the weather had gone that whole week but no, as usual we ended up getting caught out. 

I actually celebrated my birthday for a full 3 days to make the most of it so we ended up having 3 very busy days where different outfits were required to suit the occasion. For my little party with family as I knew I was going to be lounging around I went for comfort. A pair of loose-fitting cargo pants teamed up with an oversized black t-shirt. It ticked all the boxes and I felt super comfortable all day. Now onto the days where I actually left the house for the celebrations...

On my actual birthday we were off for a day of shopping and drinking so I knew I wanted to be comfortable for a full day out. I wanted to make a bit of an effort in what I was wearing too but unfortunately due to being in between sizes half of my wardrobe doesn't currently fit me so actually picking the perfect outfit took a while. In the end I went with my cuffed bottom cargos from H&M that are still going strong 2 years later. They are getting a bit big for me now but at the same time they are still comfortable for long days out so they seemed like the most sensible option to pick out. I teamed these cargos up with my favourite Boohoo Man t-shirt, this oversized car print t-shirt goes with the cargos perfectly and is nice and lightweight so if it did warm up a fair bit I wouldn't end up being far too warm. As it was a bit of a cooler day I threw on my H&M Man black & white checked shirt which has slowly become a favourite as it is nice and lightweight and doesn't make me too warm like some old checked shirts have in the past. The idea with the checked shirt was that I could just take it off and tie it around my waist or put it in a bag if I got too warm. In the end though we got caught in a torrential downpour and got soaked, I kind of wish I took a raincoat with me but we still had a great day and it was nice to make a bit of an effort with my outfit for a change.

 My final day of birthday celebrations ended up changing as the football was cancelled so we had a trip to the golf driving range instead. I had never been before so had no idea what to wear but the range we were going to luckily didn't have a dress code so I ended up going for the comfy and dressed down look as I knew I wanted to be comfortable. I opted for my cargo sweatpants which fit so much better these days and are really comfortable. I then added my plain black North Face polo shirt to finish this outfit off alongside my old beat up Air Force that again are just really comfortable and don't hurt if I am on my feet for a long time which I was in the end. This outfit was perfect for the occasion as it didn't restrict my movement at all and I think I might have found another activity to spend my nonexistent free time on.

So there you go those are the outfits I wore for my birthday weekend. The outfits were definitely kept simple this time around but that is definitely due to half of my wardrobe being too big and the other half being too small, it is definitely time to get it sorted once and for all and make a start on building my ideal wardrobe that actually fits but obviously on a budget as I am still aiming to lose a lot more weight. 

What is your ideal outfit for a day of shopping and drinks?

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