How the Lionesses have inspired me over the years...


The Lionesses definitely inspired a nation over the summer with some fantastic performances finally bringing football home with a Euro victory on home soil. Seeing them lift that trophy from inside Wembley stadium is going to be one of those moments that is going to be ingrained in my mind forever and seeing them lifting a major trophy in the flesh is probably something I am never going to see again unless I get very lucky to travel the world for other competitions in the future. The team might have an inspired the nation over the summer but honestly, they have been inspiring me for many years prior to this as they are a team that just don't give up and they are some of the best players in the world even if they aren't winning trophies every time they play. They have certainly inspired me in so many different ways and here is why the Lionesses are some of the biggest inspirations to me and some of the things they have inspired me to do... 

Got me back playing football

Now I never thought this would happen, but the Lionesses have played a big part in this for me. I have had a bad knee for as long as I can remember so I gave up playing the game I have always loved, now though 7 years since my last game I am back playing for a club and it feels so great to be back kicking the ball, something I never thought I would do. My season starts very soon and honestly, I am so excited to get back and playing weekly, it is going to be like being a kid again.

Working on my health and fitness 

The Lionesses have definitely helped motivate me to work on my health and fitness a whole lot more, I need to do this for playing football too so it has proved to be a great thing they have inspired. The funny thing is they have inspired me in so many different ways, but there are players with injuries who have come back stronger than ever and those are the most inspiring ones and are the ones I have been motivated by the most. If I can come back from injury and improve my standards like them, I will definitely be very happy. 

Make changes to my football website 

Before the Euros the football website was for both the men's and the women's game however, since the competition ended we decided we no longer wanted to cover both sides of the sport and since then we have changed to only cover the women's game. We no longer just focus on the national league either, we now cover a variety of leagues and have a few little projects we are working on behind the scenes. It is time to give the women's game the attention is really deserves and spread the word about just how good the women's game actually is. We are definitely more passionate now about the growth of the game which is hard to believe as we were already very passionate about it.

Become more focused & determined when it comes to the football site

Before my mind was all over the place and the football site got neglected far too often where as since the Euros there is a new rule. Content for the football site comes first, so far this has really helped us and it has increased the productivity on the site and in turn has helped us increase views. The football site really does come first these days I am loving it.

Showed me no dream is too big

Those players went into the Euros dreaming about lifting the trophy on home soil and people laughed saying there was no chance. Those players dreamt though and at the end of the tournament their dreams had come true and they were European champions. The Lionesses really have shown us all even if you dream big if you put in the work that dream is never too far away from being possible. I always thought the dreams I had were never in a million years going to be achievable but stood in that stadium on the 31st of July that thought went out of my head and I knew that if I worked hard I could achieve them.

Helped me develop new goals

The Lionesses have also inspired me to develop new goals that are going to help me achieve those dreams I have. Some goals were totally unrealistic and others weren't pushing me enough so I decided to sit down and set myself some new goals that realigned with what I wanted to achieve and since setting them I can honestly say things are going very well and I am looking forward to working on them daily. They are all set and I am more determined to smash them than ever before. 

I have to say though some players have certainly inspired me more than others, maybe because I pay more attention to these or maybe because I have followed their journey over the years so know a bit more about what they have been through, but those players that have inspired me the most are...

Leah Williamson 

At just 25 years old Williamson has captained her country to their first major trophy since the men won the World Cup in 1966. For her to have achieved this at just 25 years old is truly inspiring and shows just how much talent Leah has on and off the pitch. What is more inspiring though is the fact that until Sarina Wiegman took charge of England Williamson was either on the bench or not in the squad at all. Imagine working so hard in just a year to be able to Captain your country amongst other really talented and experienced players and actually bring football home. I can see Williamson being a very inspiring player for many years to come. 

Jill Scott

Jill Scott is a player who has inspired me since I first fell in love with the women's game, she just always seems to have been there and has never given up no matter what has been thrown her way. Scott has been to plenty of tournaments with England where they have fallen in the later stages of the tournament but did she give up and retire? No she kept putting in the hard work for the call ups and didn't stop until she lifted that Europen trophy in July. With injuries and age she could have given up a while ago but she kept on going and retired on a brilliant high. 

Bethany England

Beth England was inspiring through the Euros for so many reasons but the main one was that she didn't get on the pitch but that didn't stop her playing a big part from the bench and making an impact without even kicking a ball. There were a few players like this but England stood out to me as when that final whistle went in Wembley she ran straight to the manager, she might not have got game time but she still appreciated all that Wiegman had done and wanted to celebrate with her first. England is a player that is always looking on and improving her game, I don't think it will be long until we see her playing more regularly. 

Jordan Nobbs

Jordan Nobbs wasn't at the Euros but she is still one of the Lionesses that inspires me, in fact she inspires me more than anyone else as she never gives up and always bounces back up. Nobbs has to be the unluckiest player as she always picks up an injury before any major tournament, she could have easily retired with the injuries she has had over the years but she works hard all off season and into the new season to put in performance after performance and that is why we still see her getting called up. She never gives up and does everything possible to recover and come back her very best, let's hope in 2023 we will see her at the world cup , injury free. 

I definitely thing it is funny how after all these years watching the women's game and being inspired that the most inspiration and change comes after seeing them win the tournament. It really is amazing how a win can spark so much within you whether it is football or life related, all I know though is these women have really inspired me to push on and be the best version of me and really push to achieve those goals. 

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