How I celebrated my 28th birthday

This is the last birthday post I promise, but this time around it is all about how we actually celebrated me turning 28. My birthday this year was actually on a Friday, so I made sure to make the full weekend a weekend of celebrations. I love the fact that I was able to have the full 3 days celebrating though as it meant I get to spend time with Liam and also with family but each day was to suit who I was going to be celebrating with. Granted the final day of celebrations didn't go to plan but we still made the most of it, so here is how we celebrated my 28th birthday...

First up on my actual birthday (the Friday) it was mine and Liam's annual birthday shopping trip. For years we have done this as he prefers to take me out on the day and buy my presents then rather than just buying things in the run up like most people do. I absolutely love this yearly tradition and this year we stayed a bit closer to home with a trip to Leeds which made a nice change as we usually head off to Manchester. We made the most of the day and once we had finished shopping we had a fair few drinks in the centre of Leeds before catching the train home. We were going to carry on the drinking once we got back into Halifax but we unfortunately got caught in some torrential rain so opted to go straight home and have a few drinks there and order some food in. This honestly was the perfect day for me and I am so glad we started this tradition.

On the Saturday it was time to celebrate with my family. This is another yearly tradition that we do the weekend after my birthday (or before if it clashes with the football)  it is funny as each year I seem to have a theme for these parties and this year with the help from the nephew I settled on a Pok√©mon theme but how good does this cake topper my mum made look with the footballer on it. This little party was literally just the family round at our house eating and drinking for a few hours but it was another fantastic day of celebrations.

On Sunday our plans unfortunately changed as we were meant to be going to see Man City Women vs Arsenal Women play in the league opening game however, the football was cancelled for the weekend. We could easily have still gone to Manchester however, the train times would have meant we would just have a lot of waiting around to do and with us both having work on Monday we opted against a full day of drinking. In the end we headed out to the driving range, something I had wanted to do for a while but we had never had time for it before. We spent a few hours here and it was a fantastic start to the day and is something we plan on doing most Sunday's now. Once we had done at the driving range we ended up just having a chilled day at home which involved watching a lot of Blue Bloods, I couldn't have asked for a better end to a great weekend really. 

This really was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday and I am glad we managed to get nearly everything we wanted to do done, it is just a shame the football was cancelled although it gives us something to look forward to once it is rescheduled. 28 has started off great I wonder what the rest of the year holds? I know I can't wait to find out. 

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