What I got for my 28th birthday...

Well I am 28 now, getting closer and closer to that 30 year old mark. My birthday was a great one with plenty of celebration with family and once again I have been spoilt rotten by them all. Each gift received either is spot on for the things I am interested in at the moment or is going to come in super handy for the current climate. Football has been a main interest this year and my gifts reflect that very well. I also received some money which will be going on a new game and the remainder will be going towards what I am calling my goal shop, where I can buy all new clothing when I reach my target wait at long last. So here is what I received for my birthday.

I absolutely love this football scratch off map from my parents. This is one where you scratch off the stadiums you have been to so I guess you could say they are encouraging me to go to a lot more football matches in the near future. This is definitely going to be fun to scratch off and aim to get them all done. I just need to sit and work out which stadiums I have already been to so far so I can make a start at scratching them off.

I have two more charms for my bracelet, and they are of course football related ones. These ones are so I always have a piece of this year's Euro victory with me. There is a football one and a love England one. It is great to have something to always remember the tournament by as it is a moment that is going to live on forever with me and give me one of the best summers of my life so far.

My auntie and uncle got me this old Bradford City programme from the 9th September (my birthday) it is from quite a few years before I was born but I absolutely love it. I have a nice little collection of retro programmes going now and I love it, I am sure that over time more are going to be added.

I had seen this Lego set a week before my birthday but managed to resist buying it. Then on my birthday shopping trip I caved and let Liam get me it. I can't wait to build myself as a Man Utd player and have it on display in my office. I am slowly getting back into loving Lego which could prove to be a costly hobby if I do end up getting more sets.

My mum made this sign for me to hang in my new office area and I absolutely love it. Apparently it sums me up and I think it is safe to say it is true as my life more or less revolves around football these days, you will find me either watching a game or talking about a game in one way or another. This is the perfect addition to my little home office.

My sister and nephew came through with the goods. This is my favourite chocolate at the moment but I don't buy it very often due to how expensive it so to have 2 bars as a treat is nice and with the diet I am on it should last me a while. This makes for the perfect gaming snack too so maybe I will save it ready for an upcoming gaming session. 

This Starbucks Halloween cup has been all over social media lately and when we was on the birthday shopping trip I had to ask Liam if he could get me it. Do I need another cup? Definitely not, but I couldn't resist it. I love the pattern on this and the fact you can customise it with the stickers provided. With some Halloween related gaming plans in the pipeline I think this is going to be by my side quite often.

I never told my parents that I was looking at this Stitch quilt in Primark but I ended up receiving it for my birthday anyway and I am so glad. With the bills going up here in the UK, just like many others we are looking at ways to stay warm without putting the heating on and this is definitely going to help with that. It is nice and thick but not too thick and I can safely say it is going to be perfect for those nights laid on the sofa watching TV.

My auntie and uncle also got me a blanket but this time it is a bit thinner than the stitch one. I saw this Pokemon one online a while back and was originally going to get my nephew it but could never find it in our local Primark. These blankets are really soft and I can easily seeing it being one of my most used alongside my Pikachu one in the games room. Once I am wrapped up in these blankets I can happily sit and game for hours on end as they are really comfortable.

So there you go that is everything I got for my 28th birthday, there are still a few bits to come from Liam as our birthday shopping trip didn't really go to plan so we are just going to get things as we see them now but I am sure I will put them in my monthly new in post. It was a great birthday as per usual and I am looking forward to seeing what 28 brings for me, honestly 27 will take some beating but you never know what the year ahead is going to hold.

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