It is seriously time to invest in some new accessories


In the past I have absolutely loved adding accessories to my outfits, then the pandemic hit and I wasn't going anywhere so I stopped adding accessories to my outfit and since then I just haven't bothered adding them to my outfits once more. There are a few reasons for this, one of that is I have just got very lazy when it has come to getting ready on a morning which is something I need to change once again as there are so many options in my wardrobe going unused. The main reason though is I am getting sick of wearing the same accessories, there hasn't been much change to my jewellery collection in years and it is definitely starting to get boring and is in need of an upgrade, the last piece I got was a Gucci ring in 2020 and I am scared to death of losing it so I don't use it too often when I really should be doing. The lack of new pieces and getting bored of what I have is why I am planning on investing in some new jewellery very soon, this is going to consist of saving for some higher end pieces whilst also treating myself to some cheaper but style appropriate pieces. 

I would really love to pick up some new pieces soon especially in the ring and necklace department as these are the two types of accessories I love the most and get the most wear out of, yet they are the pieces I am not happy with at the moment and a few upgrades are certainly needed especially if I am going to be adding the accessories daily, I want to mix it up not wear the same over and over again. I have had a look around and to keep me going at the start I have found a fair few pieces in River Island that I would love to purchase, these are cheap but look great and I know they last a while as that is where all my current pieces are from. These will be perfect to get the rotation started whilst I am saving up for some more expensive pieces. I have found some Serge Denimes rings that I am 100% saving up for as they look like they would suit a whole lot of my wardrobe. I have also fallen in love with a lot of Auriri pieces, a shop I have come across on Instagram due to it's owners and the necklaces I have seen on here are ones that I will be adding to my collection at the earliest possible chance as they are definitely going to go with the style I am aiming for. 

Adding accessories to my outfits again is definitely going to make my outfits look even better than I think they have been looking lately and maybe it will make me have more fun putting outfits together too as lately I have just been throwing on any old clothes and hoping for the best as effort has been at an all time low. Anything to make planning outfits fun again is going to be greatly welcomed and I am ready to get back into doing this and stop being lazy. There is really no excuse for me not to be throwing on some rings and a necklace each day, it isn't like it is a long job to do it takes 2 minutes if planned correctly, I have enjoyed it in the past and I am sure I will enjoy it again. 

I really do need to start wearing my jewellery daily again and I think a bit of a refresh in the collection might just help this happen once more, it is time to start accessorizing properly once more and with autumn coming up this is going to be happening daily to elevate my outfits and help perfect the layering look. 

It is time to take stock of what I have and what I want new and make a few purchases whilst saving for those more expensive bits.

Where is your favourite place to buy jewellery from?

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