There are 100 days left of the year... time to make them count


Where has this year gone? It doesn't seem like two minutes ago we were celebrating the start of 2022 and now we only have 100 days left of the year. This year might have flown by but it has been one of my favourite years so far with some brilliant things happening, mainly that Euro's win, but all in all it has been a fantastic year. The fact there are only 100 days left for the year though has got me thinking about how I can make those last 100 days count towards some goals I have set myself and also how I can make the start of 2023 continue the greatness of this year. I want to start next year the best I can and I know goals I set myself for the next 100 days in the build up to the new year are going to help me achieve the best possible start. There are a few areas I want to improve on and here are the things I am aiming to achieve over the next 100 days...


Fitness and weight loss has played a big part in 2022 and it is going to continue playing a big part in my life for the longest time. I have long term goals I want to achieve that fall into this category and in the next 100 days I am going to work really hard to achieve the goals below as they are going to help me work towards my long term goals. So here are the things I want to achieve fitness wise in the next 100 days...

Hit my goal weight for the year

weight loss has been hit and miss for me this year and I set myself a target at the start of the year which I wanted to achieve and I am still working towards that now. I am throwing myself in head first over the next 100 days to really push to get as close to this goal as possible. I know that if I really focus on my nutrition and getting all my workouts in I should definitely get very close to this goal if not actually achieving it. 

Get into size 14 trousers

This is a big one for me as I have had a pair of trousers just sat in my wardrobe ready to be worn but they have always been too small for me. I am determined by the end of this year I will be able to fit in these trousers comfortably. Again if the weight loss I spoke about above starts to fall into place this should be no issue at all. 

Get into size medium tops

I am determined to end the year in size medium clothing and honestly as I said before if the weight loss goes the right way I think this is one I am going to hit and if I do there is a football shirt in a medium waiting for me, giving me that bit more of an incentive which always comes in handy. At the moment I am comfortably in large tops and some are even starting to get a bit big on me so it is time to knuckle down as I really want that football shirt.

Do full push ups

It is a known fact that I have noodle arms and I am working on that these days. One thing I have always wanted to do is a full push up, no knees, a real push up. So that is a goal I am working towards for the end of the year. I would love to do 3-5 by the end of the year but I will even take 1 as a win with the arms in the state they are currently in. 

Increase my stamina

This is a big one for me as I am now back playing football so I need my stamina to be a lot better than it currently is. At the moment my stamina levels are absolutely terrible and I struggle after a short time but I am determined to work on this and at least double my stamina levels by the end of the year which won't be much in the grand scheme of things but is a start and will give me a good marker for the start of the new year.

Increase weight I can lift

I did well earlier in the year and slowly started to increase the weight I could lift but then burn out happened and I ended up back at square one which frustrated me but I am determined to get back to where I was before burn out hit and to be honest I want to push myself to go beyond that point and lift my heaviest weights in my journey so far. I am more than capable of this if I stay consistent with my workout's so I am looking forward to seeing the final numbers at the end of the year.


When it comes to the blogs well this year has been very hit and miss and that is my own doing as I would start to focus on one site and neglect the others and then play catch up and fall into a cycle of neglecting various sites and the consistency just hasn't been there this year. I want to start being a lot more consistent, so these next 100 days are all about getting my act together and putting goals in place so that I can kick start 2023 in a great way and actually know what works for me and how I can stay consistent. So here are the blog related goals for the next 100 days... 

Get into a posting schedule

This is something I really need to do to start being consistent and stop overwhelming myself. At the moment I keep forgetting to post things and I aren't writing things on time for when I intend to post them so it is time to get that sorted. I want to create a schedule where I have set days for types of content and where I aren't having to spend every free hour working on content to make sure it is all done. 

Get ahead of myself

This is a big thing I need to do as when I have done it in the past life has been so much easier. I found in the past if I get ahead of myself I m a whole lot more productive as I don't feel like I am being forced to do the task at hand plus I get a bit more free time by doing that. I know that if I start getting ahead of myself on content that overall it is going to be much better than it has been this past year and I can have time to myself alongside working on other projects. Getting into a routine is definitely going to help me with this. 

Be consistent on Insta

I have tried and failed at this so many times but over the next 100 days I am planning on being more consistent on all my Instagram accounts, especially my main blog ones. The thing ith Instagram is one minute I love posting on it then I get really fed up so I am hoping that getting ahead of myself and scheduling post is going to help me show up more and finally start growing my following. I am really looking forward to this goal and getting some consistency going in the build up to the new year.


Life has certainly been chaotic this year but I can't complain as it has given me opportunities I never thought would happen. But at the same time I could have done with calming down just a little bit as I did end up getting burnt out in the summer. Things are starting to calm down just a little, not as much as I would like but just enough therefore, I am going to use the time to set myself some goals that will hopefully help me create habits that are going to stick even if life does start to get busy again. Those life goals to help that into the new year are...

Build a routine

This is a big thing that I need to do especially for on a morning which will hopefully mean a super productive morning and a more relaxed evening. At the moment I struggle for free time but I want to change that for the remainder of the year. I want to get up at 5.30am, get my workout done and out of the way and have time to get ready for work or the day in general so I aren't rushing around, I want to tackle my skincare and just generally develop a morning and evening routine I can stick to and really benefit from.

Not let things get on top of me

This is something I really need to do towards the end of the year and learn that it is ok to take some time out when needed. A lot of times this year I have put pressure on me to get certain stuff done on and unrealistic time frame then I get stressed and everything just gets messed up. For the next 100 days I am determined to not let things get on top of me and to take a step back when needed the last thing I need is to spend the Christmas period burnt out yet again. 

Complete the home gym

We have a plan in place of what we are going to do with the gym now and I can't wait to get this project moving so that I have my own area just to work out in, no more dragging equipment from room to room. 100 days is definitely a realistic time frame to get this done in and I am looking forward to seeing the final result. We are basically starting from scratch on this build so it might be a bit more expensive, but it is definitely going to be worth it in the end. 

Get a list sorted of all the jobs in the house we want to get done in 2023

So that we know where we stand going into the new year, I want to get a list done of all the things we want to get done in the house. There will be big jobs on this list and also some smaller ones. Just have a list though for us to check back to gives us an idea of how much we need to budget for each job and realistically just how much we can get done. This might give Liam the chance to make one of his typical spreadsheets for us both to follow but I am just hoping doing this keeps us focused on the tasks at hand, so we don't just go out spending money for the sake of it and we get the house just as we want it once and for all.

Sort a budget out

This is definitely going to be one of the biggest ones for the final 100 days of the year as I really need to get back on top of my finances after a summer of buying whatever I wanted, the Euros cost me a fortune in the end but that is an experience I might never get again so I was making the most of it. I am hoping over the next 100 days I can create a budget that I can stick to and finally start building my savings once more rather than taking money out of them. If I want to get those jobs done around the house I really do need to get better with my money and stop throwing it away so fingers crossed by the start of the new year my finances are looking much healthier and I am cutting back on the useless purchases. 

So there you go that is the plan for the next 100 days so that I can start the new year in the best way possible. I have my head screwed on and I am determined to achieve each of these goals I have set as it is time to really knuckle down and start achieving what I set out to achieve at the start of the year. 

Have you set any goals for the remainder of the year?

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