August 2022 Fitness Update

Well that is August over and done with and it turned out to be a much busier month than I expected. I had a holiday at the start of the month, the football returned and most days I was out and about with family. Tie that in with falling behind on the blogs so spending hours after work and on weekends glued to my PC not getting enough steps in I was definitely shocked to see just how much progress I actually managed to make throughout August because if I am honest I thought that I would actually gain rather than lose. So here is how the goals went in the crazy month...

 Sort out active wear drawer

I managed to set some time aside to get this done and I am so glad I did as it has made my most worn pieces a lot easier to access which has made getting ready to workout much easier and quicker which in turn means I am working out more. I have got a drawer now for my workout pieces and I have set them out as shorts, t-shirts and football items so I just pick up the top combo and I am good to go. I have realised I don't need to buy any more items in a hurry.

Lose 3lb 

I will be honest I didn't think I would get anywhere near this with how busy August was but somehow I actually managed to beat it which I am really proud of myself for. I set this goal a bit higher than I expected just to push myself a little bit more and I am really pleased with the end result this month.

Skip 30 mins a day

This was always going to be a big ask with such a crazy month and unfortunately I didn't manage to complete this one as I would have liked to. I think I am going to retry this goal in the future as it is something I would like to do to see what difference it made. Definitely keep an eye out for this one appearing in the future.

Workout 3 times a week

Again this was going to be a big aim due to a lack of time with other commitments and I unfortunately didn't manage it. This is going to be on September's goal list though as I am determined to organise my time much better to be able to fit those 3 main weekly workouts into my schedule. It is time to step up a gear and make these workouts a non negotiable now.

Work towards my push up goal

I have definitely tried with this one throughout the month, we have added different versions of push ups into my plan and I have tried incline ones just to get my body used to the movement but unfortunately I am still not able to do a single push up. I am going to keep at it though to try smash it however, I think that once my upper body strength gets better I should be able to hit this goal. It won't be next month but hopefully by the end of the year we might just see some great progress in this.

Make a start on the garage conversion (finally it will be a gym)

This was always the most important goal for me as I am sick of the lack of progress, I just want a space dedicated to working out. I am sick of  having to carry the weights and bike from room to room to use them and then have to take them back. I am so ready for them to have a permanent home in what used to be the garage. The space is now all clear and we are just waiting for prices back to see what direction we are going in to complete it. All I know is I can't wait.

So here is how August looked on the scales...

Beginning of August weight: 15 stone 6 lb 

End of August weight : 15 stone 2 lb

Total loss for the month : - 4lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in September ...

- Get in the minimum of 3 workouts per week
- Get into the 14 stone bracket
- Enjoy my birthday without going overboard
- 30 mins on bike or punch bag each day
- Limit to 3 takeaways throughout month (not including planned meals out)
- Lose 4 lb
- Start really getting into the habit of meal prepping
- Make more progress on the home gym

I am honestly so proud of myself for the progress I made throughout August and the fact that I am now at long last at that 1 stone lost mark. August might have been a very busy month but I have shown to myself just what I am capable of if I really put my mind to it and try even through the business. September is going to be another busy month but as I am gearing up to play Sunday league again it is time to kick things up a gear get that nutrition in check and get all my workouts done so I hopefully make a big difference going into October. After seeing just what I have done in a crazy busy month it has made me more determined to plan things out better and use the momentum to hit the ground running and make a whole lot more progress in September. Time to step it up a gear now let's go.

Total loss for 2022 : - 11 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 1 stone

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