August 2022 Favourites

Another month has absolutely flown by and we are very quickly approaching the end of the year. August has been another busy, fun filled month with plenty going on and it has really kept the momentum of July going for me in the terms of football. The month has also held a holiday which was certainly needed. It has once again been a month of discovering new favourites and rediscovering old ones and here is what has made the cut...


Printed Shirts

This year I really have stepped out of my comfort zone a bit more when it has come to the clothing I have been wearing. On holiday at the start of August I made an effort when we were going out for food and dressed up a bit smarter than I usually would. Every night I would wear a printed shirt and it felt great. I absolutely fell in love with this style and this crane print one is going to be my new go to I think. I am glad I took the step out of my comfort zone for these as they have become a firm favourite and I am going to make sure I always have printed shirts in my wardrobe as an option.


Football Being Back

The Euros in July were a firm favourite with England winning the tournament and me making memories for the full month and surprise, surprise August has yet another football favourite and that is that the game is back properly. We have been to Bradford City men's and women's games throughout August and it is just so good to be back not only watching but also reporting on games. It has been a summer of football favourites and I love it. Just one more league to return now at the start of September and it is a case of bye bye free time.


Office Makeover

The very little free time we have had has been spent planning the future of Edge of the Area, our football site. This has been a big thing after being inspired by the Euros we are ready to take things up a notch. The spare room has doubled up as an office for a while now but in August we managed to change things even more so we now have a fantastic football related backdrop for Zoom calls etc. Plus it has just made the whole room look better and it is much nicer to be in. There are still a few things I am wanting to change and do in this room but for now it is looking good.

Health & fitness

Hitting 1 stone lost mark

Finally after a lot of hard work I have hit the 1 stone mark and I have to say I am pretty damn proud of myself. This has taken me a long time to do but finally getting there has made me more and more determined to reach my overall goal and I am ready to smash it. Hitting this 1 stone mark has just shown me I am capable of whatever I put my mind to and I am determined to show myself just how much I can do by the end of the year.

So there you have it those are my favourites from August. What are your favourites from August 2022? 

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