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I actually managed to curb my spending a bit in August which I am grateful to myself for as it has meant that I am able to put more money towards our garage conversion which is finally starting to take shape. August was another busy month with a holiday and plenty of football thrown into the mix but surprisingly I didn't feel like I needed to spend a fortune to enjoy myself. The purchases I did make in August are ones that are actually going to come in pretty handy or ones that I have been on the hunt for a while. So here is what I picked up in August...

First up England announced they were going to be playing the USA in October and unfortunately due to it being held in Wembley I am unable to go, which is a shame as it is a match I have wanted to watch for a very long time. We are making the most of the occasion though and we are going to have a little viewing party at our house for the game. Any excuse to decorate the house so I have got a few bits just to trim it up a bit and set the theme for the viewing party. 

September is my birthday month and luckily I managed to find the last few bits of Pokemon tableware I needed for my little family party. This was all under £10 and it is going to complete the set up perfectly. I might be turning 28 but you can't beat a bit of Pokemon. 

Oh look another useful purchase for a change. As I am sure you will know if you follow me on social media I am currently in the process of going back to playing football once more which is something I never thought would happen. So when I was in the City shop to pick up some tickets and I came across these shin pads I couldn't resist picking them up. They are surprisingly good quality too which always comes in handy as they should give me some good protection.

I am taking my blogging a bit more seriously lately especially when it comes to Edge of the Area so I have just picked up this cheap display book to pop important documents in as I am forever losing things. for now there isn't too much to go in it but fingers crossed as time goes on it will be getting pretty full pretty fast.

The Euros are a huge chunk of our summer and I have picked up lots of mementos and taken a lot of pictures so I have decided to make a scrapbook of our fun filled month. This will have newspaper clippings & photographs in and I can't wait to have some spare time to sit and create this. They were on offer so we got a second for our league memories this year as we plan on attending a whole lot of games.

Carrying on with the Euros theme (it will stop soon I promise, maybe) I got this box to make into a bit of a memories box. This is going to be decorated and filled with extra newspaper bits and the souvenirs we picked up during the month. Hopefully this will just keep everything safe and in good condition.

This air fryer was a gift to us from my parents as my sister had got one and loves it. We are hoping that having this will help me eat a lot better and progress on my weight loss journey even more than I have been doing. I can't wait to get this all set up and I have a feeling we will be using it much more than we use our oven in the long run. There are plenty of things I want to try already.

Oh look another Euros item, I didn't think they would have a specific programme for the final but once I saw it I knew I needed to get a copy for me and my grandad. The final was a fantastic day that I never thought I would experience so I got everything I could to remember the very special day. This is something I am going to be reading a lot more than the books I have purchased lately.

Oh look yet more scarves to be sat around in the house but I had 3 games of the Euros to attend after my payday that qualifies for this post so luckily I had plenty of money to get the scarves to commemorate the games of the Euros I had attended. I really need to find a way to display all these scarves rather than hiding them away in a box.

My family laughed at me when I walked away from the Euro's merchandise stand and back over to them with this. As soon as I saw the Lionesses flag for £10 I knew I needed it for my new office. I just didn't anticipate how big it actually was and how I was actually going to display it. Either way though I am very glad I got this piece of merchandise.

Before we even went to the France vs Netherlands game I said to Liam I was going to get the France shirt if they were selling it and in the end we both ended up with one. This shirt is one of my favourites from the whole tournament as the design is fantastic. After purchasing this shirt it has definitely cemented itself as my favourite shirt from the tournament. 

When I got home from my holidays Liam said he had a surprise for me and let's just say another football shirt to add to the collection is always a welcome surprise. A lot of people don't like the Bradford City away shirt this season and I aren't sure why as I actually really like what Macron have done, I guess it just a bit too different for some people. This has become my favourite to wear on a game day.

Whilst we were down in Wembley we headed to the outlet stores and in the Adidas one I more or less ran over to this Orlando City one, I have been wanting one of these for a while but they have either been ridiculously priced or not in my size. I paid less than £30 for this one and it really is the perfect shirt to add to my collection I just wish the outlets up north had some MLS stock every now and then.

It really has been a football themed month of purchases hasn't it. Me and my dad had a trip to our local outlet stores and in the Nike one he pointed out these PSG tracksuit bottoms and said his favourite saying 'those are Lucy trousers' so when I saw they had an extra 70% off taking them to under £20. I love these tracksuit bottoms for working out in as they are a tighter fit but a really breathable material.

I might have done well with what I spent in August but I can say honestly say that September isn't looking like it is going to go the same way as the purchases are already starting to roll in. The gym and getting the house sorted are big priorities in September so no doubt that is what a few purchase will be going on but we will see how it goes. 

What was your favourite purchase from August?

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