Walks I Would Love To Do

Where we live we are spoilt for choice with some fantastic walks right on our doorstep however, I have yet to actually do any of the properly. But now I am on this weight loss and fitness journey I am starting to enjoy walking so I would love to tick a few of the local walks off the list and actually get into the habit of walking more. I know Liam really likes walking too so he will really enjoy these ones and he has actually mentioned a few of these to me in the past so I think it is time to just get them done especially now my leg is starting to get much stronger too. So here are the walks I would love to start off with....

Aysgarth Falls
This one has been recommended to me by quite a few people now and just look how gorgeous it looks. This is a triple flight of waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales so isn't far from us at all and from heard it isn't too long of a walk through woodland and farmland. I have heard good things about the village of Aysgarth too so I think it could be a really nice trip out for both of us. This definitely looks like a nice relaxing walk compared to the others I had recommended to me. 

Penyghent is one that Liam keeps on mentioning to me so I think this could be one of the first ones we end up doing. This is a fell in the Yorkshire Dales so again isn't that far away from us at all and it is the lowest of the three peaks although it still looks like a huge challenge for my poor little legs. This is close to Ribblesdale so I am thinking of having this walk combined with a weekend away in a glamping pod with a hot tub which I have seen as I think it would make for a fantastic weekend and means we can relax once we have done the walk. It does look like this could be an interesting one for me to test just how far I have come on my journey so far.  

Ilkley Moor 
Ilkley Moor is the closest of these walks and to be honest I have visited Ilkley so many times but I don't think I have ever been for a walk on the moors or if I have I don't remember it. I think with this being so local it is one we need to do soon and I think it is a great starting point for us. Plus once the walk is done we can always head into Ilkley for a wander around and something to eat as a treat as it is a lovely place to visit. 

Malham Cove
I remember going to Malham on a school trip and that is the only time I have visited it which is a bit annoying as we didn't do the walk properly but it is such a beautiful place. My auntie and uncle go here quite a bit and have highly recommended it so I really do want to go back and have a really good walk around it for myself. Again this isn't far away from where we live so we don't really have an excuse for putting it off. 


Finally we have Ingleborough which is another walk Liam keeps mentioning so it is currently quite high up on the list however, I think it might be too much of a challenge for my poor little legs at the moment so it may have to wait. Ingleborough is the second highest mountain in the Dales and is part of the 3 peaks challenge alongside Whernside and Penyghent that we mentioned earlier. I think if I do Penyghent and do well I will be more than happy to climb Ingleborough with Liam although from the picture it does look quite scary. 

I think we are going to have to get some of these walks completed and also possibly combine some with a camping trip or glamping trip as a bit of a treat. But first I need to get some actual walking gear as I currently go walking in the most un-supportive trainers and my clothing isn't really suitable for going walking. I think we could do with a few more camping bits too if we are planning on going more often. Now I just need to get everything purchased and actually get out walking but until then I will stick to doing some smaller walks closer to home. Can you recommend any nice walks for us to add to the list? 

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