Trying To Wear Smarter Footwear

If you have seen me out and about over the past like 5 years or so you will have only ever seen me in sneakers 90% of the time. This is because that has suited my style a lot better than anything else plus I am lazy and tend to only pick up the first pair of footwear I see which is no good really as it can often ruin the look of my favourite outfits. 

However, as I have been mentioning a fair bit lately I am changing up my style I am noticing that most of the sneakers I own don't do anything for the outfits I am putting together and can very easily ruin them plus most of my sneakers at the moment are very beat up and just look like they could do with being thrown in the bin rather than being on my feet. That is why I have been thinking lately of wearing some smarter footwear I already own along side purchasing a few new pairs to fit the looks I am going for. There is plenty of variety out there and it is about time I give them a try instead of just wearing old sneakers. So here are the footwear options I am going to try reach for more often and purchase over the coming months. 

Chelsea boots 
I have always loved Chelsea boots and I currently own a brown pair & a black pair which I should definitely wear more often especially for those smarter dressing days and work instead of beat up old sneakers. The pairs I own are currently suede material so I am always weary about ruining them and it is an excuse I use far too often not to wear them which is ridiculous really as I should be wearing them more and should just get a suede protector put on them. I am hoping to find the perfect leather look pair in both brown and black this year to add to my collection and footwear rotation. The weather gets pretty awful up here in the autumn and winter so I am hoping that a leather style pair will help me get more wear out of Chelsea boots in the run up to the end of the year. I find that Chelsea boots definitely suit my style as opposed to a lot of sneakers I pair up with my outfits as they just give a smarter look overall. 

Lace up boots black
These style of boots are ones I have wanted to add for a long time now as I used to love them and how they suited me when I had just left school but then laziness and sneakers took over and I never purchased another pair. I have been on the look out for some of these recently as more stores add autumn and winter collections to their websites and I think this is the year where I am finally going to purchase a new pair or two as I have quite a few looks that I think they would fit perfectly. I would love to wear a chunky pair but I don't think they are quite me so I will go for a regular pair to start off with I think. Fingers crossed they have plenty of options in my favourite shops so I can get some tried on and purchase my perfect pair. If I do I am sure you will be seeing them appear on my Instagram and blog a lot. I am even very tempted to go all out and treat myself to a pair of Doc Martens if I try a pair on and like them. 

Worker Style boots 
These are something I have wanted for ages now and tell myself I am going to get each year but then I never do. Every year as winter approaches and even autumn I say I am going to get a pair as they have a bit of added grip to them compared to my sneakers and up here we seem to always have frost, ice and wet leaves to slip on and the amount of falls I have had due to unsuitable footwear is a little bit ridiculous. This year though I aren't going to make the same mistake and I am going to get hopefully a black and brown pair of worker boots to give me options to wear with my autumn and winter outfits. I am sick of falling for the sake of what I am wearing on my feet, it is time to get it sorted. Plus I think these look great especially with outfits that include a check shirt, which as you know I have plenty of. I just don't want a pair that look too much like I used to have when I worked in a warehouse.  

Smarter sneakers 
Obviously I aren't going to be getting rid of sneakers all together as I just love them too much but I am no longer going to buy them just because they are cheap. I am going to buy ones that look smarter and fit my style more which is going to be ones in simple colourways rather than bright colours which I seem to have bought a lot of over the past few years. I will obviously keep some of them for some of the looks I want to achieve but mainly I will be sticking to black or white pairs with simple small logos on rather than bold prints etc. I just find these to look a whole lot smarter and they also seem to last a lot longer. There are plenty of shops on the high street that sell these for a reasonable price but maybe one day I will save up and splash out on a designer pair of smarter looking sneakers as I know I will get my wear out of them. I just need to start putting more consideration into the sneakers I buy and the style I want to achieve an fingers crossed I can keep reminding myself of that. 

It is certainly time that I took more pride in my footwear matching my outfit like I used to do and I need to start planning this into my outfits like I used to rather than just picking up something random and throwing it on. It is time to stop being lazy and get that perfect style put together. Now I just need a shopping trip to get these items. 

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