July 2021Favourites

Well again July absolutely flew by and it was a pretty good month as there was even more normality returning, I was finally feeling better after bring ill for so long and the warmth from the heatwave was a welcome addition to the month. It has seemed to be none stop for me though with most evenings being spent somewhere other than home, I think poor Liam thinks I am avoiding him as it has been so long since I got home before 8pm more than two nights in one week and I think it is just going to get worse as more normality returns. So here are my favourite things from July and it is safe to say that there are a few new ones...


Switching up my style 

Finally July is the month where I got around to going through my wardrobe at long last and I am so glad I did as I have finally had the chance to take stock of what I had and play around with my style more. I am finally switching up my style to what I want instead of just throwing on any old items which had been driving me mad. I won't go into this too much though as I have a full post dedicated to it very soon, so keep checking back to see when that goes live. But what I will say is that I am absolutely loving dressing how I want to and I am already noticing I am feeling more confidence just due to dressing as I want. It is making planning outfits so much easier too as I know in my mind just what I want from each outfit. 


Being back at the football 

After what seems like forever we were finally back to the football in July. It was so nice being back in the stadium and watching the football live as I have certainly missed it a lot. We managed to get to a women's game and we are getting closer to the return of the season so it is safe to say I am ready to get back to the stadium on a nearly weekly basis. Fingers crossed nothing changes and I get a full season of both men's and women's football as I have plans for the football blog and I am ready to be doing something on a weekend that isn't sitting around the house, blogging or shopping. Football is well and truly back in our household now. 


Spare room becoming an office 

The idea behind me turning the spare room into a bit of an office area was so that I could have somewhere to blog and work on new ideas without any distractions and it has definitely worked. I now have a little desk set up with whiteboards to the side so I can keep track of where I am with things and keep track of where I need to be and when. So far I am doing a whole lot better with my content with this room being in full use as it is where I can write, take images and do so much more so everything is contained. I am hoping that I get to use this room a whole lot more over the coming months as I work on more and more ideas I have been coming up with lately. 

Health & fitness

Restarting football

I never thought I would be typing this as I definitely thought I was past it by now but I finally got to kick a ball again as I started to play 5 a side again. I definitely thought those days were long gone due to my weight and fitness levels but to my surprise I gave it a go and really enjoyed it and did better than I thought I would. There is still a long way to go to me being able to play as well as I would like to but I went out of my comfort zone, did something on my own and went and played football with a great group of people. I can't wait to keep going back and see improvement week after week. 

Eating better

July is when I started to get back on track after being ill and I made the choice to try eat a whole lot better and most of the time I was really doing well, there were some treat days, a few more than there should have been but other than that I did quite well. I have tried my best to get back on one vegan meal a day and have tried new foods in my diet which has made a nice change. I have even eaten quite a bit of fruit this month which made a nice change. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from July. What are your favourites from July 2021?

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