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Well it is safe to say catching Covid actually did me a favour as being stuck in the house stopped from going out and spending a fortune and I have actually saved quite a lot meaning I can finally put some money towards something I have wanted to do for a while. I did get a few bits though and to be honest a lot of what I bought is pretty random however, here is what I bought in July...

First up we have a couple of whiteboards for the spare room. The spare room is turning into a bit of an office area for me so I have picked these up so I can have them on the wall with what I need to do and any important dates on. I am hoping that having these will make me a lot more productive and stop me from forgetting things or leaving them until last minute. 

My mum found a variety of notebooks in Wilkinsons for just 10p and 25p and she knows how much I use them for my blogs so she ended up getting me stocked up. I have 3 A4 notebooks and two A5 ones so these will keep me going for a while and will definitely be used very soon. 

Whilst at a local Nike outlet I found this Premier League ball for £12.99 and then I noticed that it was half price so at just over £6 I couldn't resist it. Did I really need another football? No, definitely not but I love this Premier League one so at the price I couldn't leave it behind. I am sure this will be reviewed on my football blog soon. 

My mum sent me a link to these Mitre England footballs for just £5 each and free delivery so I treated myself and my nephew to one each. I love Mitre footballs and have found them to be great quality over the years so I don't mind buying them over and over again. My nephew absolutely loves his and I can't wait to finally get out and kick mine around at long last, I just need to pump it up a little bit more first. 

My uncle was clearing out some of his stuff recently and asked me if I wanted any of the pin badges he had found and of course I said yes as most of them are Bradford City related. These are going to be added straight to our pin badge board as I love them all (maybe not so much the Rhinos one) as the are all for pretty good causes and they look great. 

He also gave me a couple of lanyards, I have these two Bradford City ones and an EFL one granted I don't know when I will ever use them but with them being football related I couldn't say no to them. I think they will live hung over the edge of our pin badge board with my one from Disney. 

Finally from my Uncle I also got this long line Bradford City jacket which I have had from him the past but this one a size smaller than previous which is perfect with me losing more weight. I think this could have been a player issue jacket due to the sponsor on the back however, I don't know for sure if it is or not. I love these jackets as due to them being long line and padded they are perfect for the cold winter evening games. 

I went to the Bradford City shop recently and picked up this 1/4 zip jacket for around £8, I think it had been returned due to there been a few marks on it and there been no tags on it but I really don't as I had been wanting this jacket for a long time due to the colour of it and it looking quite stylish. I got this in a size down from my normal as a goal item but to my surprise it actually fit me so now I guess I need to find a new goal item. 

As soon as I saw the new Bradford City home shirt I knew I had to buy it due to me absolutely loving the retro style of it and it being different to our previous years home shirts recently. It is safe to say I made the right choice in buying this shirt as it is even better in person. The quality is great and the fit is perfect for me even though it is a size down from my usual and I am usually not keen on white shirts. 

Whilst at the shop I picked up the home goalkeeper shirt for Liam as he said he really liked it and to be honest it is a really nice shirt and I am tempted to get one for myself too even though I am never normally interested in goalkeeper shirts. The best part now that I am fitting into large clothing is that I am now the same size as Liam so I can steal this from him if I like, I am sure he wont mind too much. 

If you have read the blog for a while you will have seen these trousers quite a few times now as they are my favourite checked pair. With me losing weight I have been constantly sizing down in these and I have always made sure to have a size down ready. My mum managed to find the last size 16 pair in our local Matalan sale and I am so glad as my 18's were getting too big for me. These were just £9 too so an absolute bargain for me as I love them so much I just wish they had the other sizes down too so I could be well stocked, let's hope I can still find them when I do get to a size 14. 

Finally for the clothing I picked up this really nice lounge wear set from Asda of all places, this was just £12.50 which really surprised me. It is perfect for the warmer weather as the waffle texture material is nice and cool and strangle not too heavy which I thought it would be. The fit is nice although a little over sized which again surprised me as I sized down in this one too, even the shorts waistband fits nicely unlike others I have had in the past. The colours are really nice too and to say it is lounge wear you could actually probably get away with wearing it outdoors too if you liked, I probably will do this at some point too. 

Liam absolutely loves the Diablo wine and he actually got my grandad onto drinking it so as a bit of a thank you to him for driving me round everywhere at the moment due to me just being so busy every night I got him a bottle. There is one with a red label and one with a black one but lately he opts for the black label one so I picked that one for him. At £8 he loves it so I don't really think I could go wrong buying him this. 

Whilst I was getting his wine this Rose 19 Crimes caught my eye as I hadn't seen it before. We buy my grandparents the white & red version of this wine and Liam often buys the red one so I have heard good things about the 19 Crimes name. I am hoping that I have the same experience with the brand as they do as I think it could be one of my go to drinks due to it being so reasonably priced too. It sounds nice so fingers crossed it tastes it. 

I have heard great things about the Whispering Angel brand and it is forever popping up all over my Instagram however, I hadn't been able to find the actually bottle of Whispering Angel I wanted (fingers crossed I do soon) so when I stumbled across this bottle of Whispering Angel Palm in my local Tesco for £15 Liam treated me to it straight away. I can't wait to try this as again I have heard great things about it. Let's hope my next bottle is the Whispering Angel I have been searching for, £15 is definitely more on the expensive side and I never thought I would spend that on one bottle of wine but with the other being £20 it is a cheaper way to try the Whispering Angel brand. 

It is really nice to know I haven't just wasted a load of money this money and have plenty to go in my savings which have definitely been neglected lately. Let's hope August will go the same way and I won't end up falling back into old spending habits. 

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