Making Changes For The Rest Of The Year

Sometimes you just wake up one day and realise it is time to make a change and do things you have been putting off for so long and I am now starting to realise that. These past few months with a lot going on I have been really considering the direct I want to take my content in as there are some things I am absolutely loving in life at the moment that I would have loved to have posted on the blog but I didn't as I didn't think it would fit my theme. So that is why I am writing today's post... it is time to change things up a bit and add the things I am loving lately. 

You might have noticed a few things change page wise on the blog other the past few weeks as I start to gradually incorporate some bits but it is time to explain what is going on. First up I aren't bothered that much with beauty, skincare or hair care any more so I won't be putting a focus on these areas. Yes there might be some hair content every now and again but it isn't going to be a big thing. My fashion and sneaker posts aren't going anywhere but you might notice a change in some of the content as my style is beginning to evolve lately, there is hopefully going to be better images with these posts too. My fitness content is still going to be here but I don't think I will be doing as much as I have been doing as it is something I am hit and miss with lately but who knows as I get back on track with my journey I might find loads of inspiration and it might be featured a lot more. 

There are new categories added to the blog which are areas I can't wait to get working on as they are something I have wanted to do for a while now but kept talking myself out of due to worrying about what others would think. So here are the new categories...

I am really looking forward to adding more home content to the blog as it is something I am really enjoying lately. We have done a lot of work in the house since we moved in 3 years ago but still have a lot to do so I want to document that. I also want to show off new bits we buy and so much more. I already have quite a big list of home orientated posts I can't wait to write. 

After being stuck indoors for so long I just can't wait to get out and about properly again. I will be adding days out and holidays to the blog once they start back up again as you never know who might end up going somewhere based on your recommendation. I have already been on a few great days out and I am sure I will only be going on plenty more over the course of the year and I can't wait to document them. I also want to try local businesses such as golf and bowling so they are brought to other peoples attention.

Food & Drink
This is something that I can't wait to add as it is something I have really got into lately. I will doing mini reviews of places I visit and drinks I try and  I really can't wait. I have already done a few posts under this now and I really enjoyed writing them so expect to see more before the year is over. 

Where I have tried sticking to specific days to post a specific type of content I won't be doing this anymore yes I will have my main posting days but on these I will post anything so one Monday might be food the next might be fashion it is just going to be as and when the content is ready but I will try to mix it up a bit so a full week won't just be fashion. 

I am definitely hoping to change the amount of time I spend blogging too as it is taking up so much time lately and I feel like I aren't seeing Liam or spending time with him due to this. So  I am going to make sure that from now I try cut back to just a few evenings a week working on the blog and the rest spent with him and the rest of my family. I really just need to learn to manage my time a whole lot better so I have a little bit of free time to do other things I enjoy. 

As we get closer to the end of the year I will be going over the changes I have made to see if I need to mix it up once again or if things are working well and I am enjoying myself. Fingers crossed this will help me fall back in love with blogging a little bit more as that love is slowly slipping away at the moment. 

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